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Chimera (previously known as Macro)

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[UPDATE]Created a LackeyCCG Plugin and Revised the Rules Document. It should be noted any art in the LackeyCCG Plugin is most likely placeholder and doesn't reflect the final product.

I've also decided to re-title it Chimera.

If anyone cares to give them a small play-test through and get back to me with what they did/didn't like and if you could see yourself backing this (if the price is reasonable), I would appreciate it very much.[/UPDATE]

Chimera (previously known as Macro) is a mini language independent card-battle game inspired by the cool down mechanic and hot bar function (also known as Macro Commands) found in many MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games)

Players only need eight cards in total to play Macro. These cards are divided into categories; One Avatar card that represents the Player in battle (when the vitality of a Player's Avatar is reduced to 0 they lose the game) and seven ability cards that players may choose one ability from to play each round. - Chimera (previously known as Macro) How to Play - Chimera (previously known as Macro) LackeyCCG Plugin

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