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Claws Off My Brains

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Claws off my Brains - Card Back

Posted a picture to the logo of the game I'm working on. The basic concept was to capture the feeling of how people might degrade in a zombie apocalypse, where cooperation was required for survival but at the same time knowing that if you help someone it might cause you to die later on. Also, I wanted to forward the idea that the path to survival is paved with sacrifices. Lastly, I wanted to focus on the fact that people are the most important resource in a zombie apocalypse. I consider it a simulator for who you'd want at your back (and if they'd be holding a knife) during a zombie apocalypse.

To express this, I made abilities exhausting or suicidal, one resulting in the death of the crew member, the other just exhausting. The resource mechanic revolves around only being able to unexhaust a limited number of crew a day while making the environment challenging enough to generally require exhausting more than that number of crew to make forward progress. You can always sacrifice someone though, even if they are exhausted, and in play sessions this leads to a disposable mentality with crew that after they are too tired to work for you, its time to send them to their death.

The above was a little dark, so the world in general is very tongue in cheek to keep things more amusing than Sophie's choice'ish. The unskilled "common" crew that you can easily recruit are referred to in game as "meat" and generally are only good to die for you.

There is a single goal for the game, capture the air drop of supplies, but there is only 1 air drop. Cooperating with your fellow crews is the best way to make it to the drop point, but it's been interesting watching people decide when it is a good time for there to be fewer people to deal with at the end site.

I'll get the rules posted over the weekend, still trying to get them cleaned up on my latest iteration.

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