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Co-op game looking for more player interaction options

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I’m in the early stages of developing a Co-op game and I’d like to know your thoughts and field any questions on my idea here. I’m specifically looking to add more player interaction options.

The terraforming technology on a planet has malfunctioned and is creating brutal environments and now hostile entities all over the planet. The terraforming corporation has contracted mercenaries to eliminate the source of the entities proliferating and destroying the planet.
(There are six sectors on the planet, each has its own mix of environmental hazards and entities)
(Navigating deeper into a sector becomes progressively more difficult for the players)

Players will need to gather parts from defeated entities to craft weapon and armor upgrades to aid in their mission. Additionally, there are several other useful items* that players may acquire as further aids.
(Armor upgrades are designed for and require parts from the same sector)
(Weapon upgrades, however, require parts from a different sector)
(* Items can be purchased with extra/unused parts)

Eliminate either Source 1 or 2 in a sector, 1 sector for each player, before the terraforming modules go critical (a set number of turns):
(Source 1) defeat the Mother and Princess entities of a sector
(Source 2) locate a repair kit and repair a terraforming module in a sector
The source in a sector can be eliminated by any player.

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A Couple Ideas

Based on ideas gleaned from other co-op games and thematic connections.

- Each team is specialised in one aspect of the terraforming project, and is more effective at some tasks than others. Maybe you have one team that's based on military/offense, one based on science research, one based on scrapping/scavenging/archaeology, one based on tool/equipment construction, one an expert at defense, etc.
- Instead of buying more equipment, players are closed-off from their homeworld due to intense interference in the atmosphere, and so have to rely on themselves. They are unable to "purchase" equipment, as you mention in your description.
- More than one sector needs to be activated/occupied simultaneously in order for some special effect to take place. This could be strictly beneficial (upgrades, improvements, etc.), or can bring about the game winning condition.
- Enemy forces are such that teaming up for assault or defense is beneficial.
- There's such a small time window to succeed that players must communicate and maximize cooperation in order to avoid defeat.

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BGDL Blog: Increasing Cooperation

BGDL gave notice in their newsletter about a post discussing increasing cooperation between players:

To Sum Up:
1. Trading
2. Moving Ahead Together
3. Ganging Up
4. Accidental Help
5. For The Greater Good
6. Cooperative Synergy (this sounds great to me, personally)
7. Hidden Objectives

Read the article for more details.

BIG hat-tip to Gabe and the BGDL for finding this article. :)

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