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Community Contribution request.

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john smith
Joined: 06/26/2017

Hello folks a new project we(my roommate and I) have decided to venture forth on and need some help.

We would like humorous rips on First Person shooter Video Games. Similar in concept to Steve Jackson Chez geek cards. Or if MST3K Did video game/hardware reviews. This will be an adult game so no need to be to reserved on content. We don't want an X-rating though...

Cutting on:
Software glitches and poor performance/Video card compatibly/Driver issues.

PC hardware conflicts performance issues

hardware planned obsolescence/OS Compatibility issues.

The woes of gaming for non Windows users.

ISP performance issues/LAG

Cheaters/cheat methods

Poor UI, game features, and quality control.

Console related issues IE poor controller designs or other issues. (IE Red Ring of Death)

Poor online behavior(trolls)

Underhanded gameplay

Online Clan's(nasty people/dumb names/to hardcore etc.

Newbs IE they ruin everything/whining/stupid questions/Verbal abuse of newbs.

Pricing/Corporate greed/from the perspective of the "finically challenged"/DLC nickel and diming.

Egotistical hardcore players

Server xenophobes/tyrannical admins

Game addiction.

Pet/young sibling interference during play.

Sudden loss of power or connection due to weather or other occurrence/overheating of console or PC.

Significant other/spousal/parental complaints about gaming.

Ripping on Social criticism of games IE violence.

Suggestions for other categories of Satirical content.

Will credit you for you contributions we use in the final system. It is in its infancy.

Thank You for your assistance.

MAR's picture
Joined: 04/23/2017
Video Game Mockery Ideas


As someone who loves board games, video games, and mockery, I think that this idea has some merit. You also list some good topics to highlight in the game. Let me help reign in the thinking process for the game.

-What kind of game are you thinking of? Board Game? Card Game? etc.
-Follow up, how do you want to play the game above?
-Are there winners/losers? Eliminations? Most points at the end wins? etc.

I think focusing on the questions above will help focus your idea. From there, you can get a game put together better. Oh, also, your age group?I know that you said adult, but would that be the ideal audience? Perhaps so.
Length of game, etc. Good luck!


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