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What is Containment?

Containment is a coop horror survival RPG set over Federation colony planet Radik-9. 4-6 players take control of Federation Cruiser Tartarus as it sets out to locate the Federation Colonizer vessel Olympus after recieving a distress message. The players start their campaign aboard the Olympus, investigating the cause of the ship going dark only to discover a new and deadly threat lurking aboard the vessel. What was a search and rescue will become a desperate operation of search and destroy to defeat this rising alien threat before it spreads beyond the planet. First contact aboard the Olympus only marks the beginning as untold horrors await on the planet surface.

Containment is a game played in campaign weeks that play out in a 6 phase cycle.


Players will work together to develop the crew of the Tartarus and the cruiser itself to combat the alien threats and eventually locate and destroy the nest from which they spawn.

The game will revolve around intense combat where sustaining damage results in horrific and potentially fatal injury to landing team members through the "Affliction" system. The game will also have a varied exploration full of random events as well as milestone story events that expand the world lore and add in new threats and challenges for the players to tackle. Can your crew muster the courage to beat back this deadly foe, or will you be devoured and merely a stepping stone for the rising alien swarm?

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Word Choice

Just chiming in here to mention that I think the word "devoured" is a fantastic, fitting choice for this game description. :)

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Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you, hopefully the game as a whole can achieve the horror effect well through the affliction system and art (when we get that far).

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