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Covert Ops

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Hi all.

I need some help adding a bit more meat to my game.

Covert Ops is a game where players take on the roll of covert operatives. Players try to acquire resources such as intel, skills, explosive, etc. so they can complete 'jobs'.

Here are the basics.

There's a drafting deck and 3 job decks (lv1, 2, & 3).

The drafting deck has 6 'resource' types as well as action cards.

Every Job has a requirement of some combination of the 6 resources, a victory point total, and a skill type of either stealth or force. Some may have rewards that give you bonuses for completing the job.

Every drafting card also has a number ranging from 1 to 5.

The game consists of 3 rounds. Each round you deal 10 cards from the drafting deck to each player, and flip cards from the job deck face up equal to the number of players + 1, using the job deck whose level is the round number.

Preparation Phase
Players then secretly select one card from the pack of cards, place it face down, and pass their cards to the next player. Repeating this until all cards have been drafted, except the last card in every 'pack' is discarded.

Execution Phase
Players now compete over jobs. Each player chooses a number of cards from their drafted cards and places them face down. Each player reveals their choices simultaneously.
All action cards are resolved, then whoever played the exact resource requirements for a job completes that job and puts it in front of them, flipping the next card from the job deck to replace it (No 2 jobs have the same requirement).
If two players played for the same job, a clash happens. Both players pick a card from their hand and discard simultaneously, comparing the number value on the cards. If the job’s skill type was stealth, the lowest number wins, if it was force, the highest number wins. The winner completes the job, the loser discards 1 of the resources they used and returns the rest to their hand.
This continues until no more plays can be made.

Winner is the one with the most victory points at the end of the game.

I think I have a solid core for the game here.
Please let me know what you think!
Also, I’d love to hear any ideas for action cards or other mechanics that might fit in to what I’ve got. I think the game needs just a tiny bit more meat without over complicating it.

Thank You!

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