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d20 Skirmish concept with creative elements

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Hello! I am an Amateur game developer and I was wondering if you could help point me in the right direction. I have a fantastic game idea but I came to a realization that is was far above my head. The game is in a playable state but it still has much to develop and I will spend the next 2-3 years of my life doing so alone if I do not seek the help of professionals. My goal is to create a fun, BALANCED game that allows the user to create their own game modes and unique characters while keeping the system simple and allowing people who have never seen tabletop games to get involved and not feel overwhelmed by the learning curve. The game is geared for skirmish style PvP but it can be played in a massive variety of other game modes; we have played Ninja Warrior, Doctor Who, Star Trek, and several other TV shows and movies and we very much enjoy the challenge/nonviolent game play side of the system. Please help me to know how I can make this project a reality without spending thousands of dollars of money I do not have.

Here is a link to my game files.

I have made a system that retains a lot of familiar d20 elements while summarizing keywords and definitions into a 10 page rulebook that is INTUITIVE and comprehensive. I have developed several classes but all of the information you see is a concept at this point.

I am mostly seeking feedback and suggestions that can help convert this project into a product. The goal is to create a system that is fast and easy, an initially low learning curve, and a system that focuses on team based strategy and team building concepts. Hopefully, if all goes well, this product can rival LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, Magic the Gathering, Chess, and Physical sports (in the education system).

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Your link doesn't work.

Your link doesn't work.

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is this better?

The original link should work now. If not here is a small sample of my files.


This is only the 10 page rulebook, I have files for each class I have created as well as a skirmish game mode.

Card Wizard

Luck Mage



Core Classes

Herald Deathmatch PvP

Novice Classes

If you are unable to view the files through google documents then I will be happy to send you an email with the game files attached. The reason I used google docs is so people can browse the system information on their mobile devices without having to download anything.

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Just curious

I'm wondering, is there some reason you don't call the "Judge" Game Master like in most tabletop RPGs?

The whole things seems like a super light version of D&D, with a few differences.

I sort of like the frustration mechanic, but I'm not sure if it can be abused to "store power" for bigger battles.

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Thanks for the reply andymakespasta!

1. The reason I chose the word "Judge" instead of "Game Master" or "Dungeon Master" is because I have given the role of "Game Master" to the group of players and there are several different types of judges: Score Keeper, Story Teller, and Organizer, all of which help manage the speed of the game. This allows for rapid tournament PvP skirmish games similar to MTG or Warhammer but much faster, making the game a potential spectator sport.

2. There are no generic penalties and all features are class specific abilities and spells. Each class is completely unique and the novice class system allows you to play the game setting that you want to play; Ninja Warrior, Doctor Who, Zelda, The Godfather, Star Wars, My Little Pony, Megaman, and even physical sports are fast and easy to play using the simplicity of renaming combat values and deciding to only use specific functions of the mechanics that apply to the game mode.

3. As a gamer myself, Frustration and Leadership are really awesome mechanics that I like a lot. I am not sure if they have ever been done before but Leadership reminds me of a general overseeing a battlefield and commanding his troops, and frustration took a long time to get right. Frustration allows players to feel as though every action is a reward, even in failure. I am considering renaming it to "Serendipity".

I think this game idea has a ton of potential and can be a very fast and easy to learn game that can introduce people to tabletop gaming. A game system that is balanced to apply the modification of other d20 games and inspire people to create their own games.

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Play Testing

This game is currently in a playable state and will require a lot of patient testers that are willing to learn something new. The game flourishes in quick skirmish battles and has a huge variety of character creation options. I host regular play tests on fridays at my local game shop and lots of people who were never willing to play d20 games are very interested in this game because it is simple enough to play a quick game and diverse enough to allow people to play the game mode or campaign they have always wanted to design.

I am currently developing the Creature Catalogs and several game modes, as well as some classes that can only be developed after I have feedback from testers and have completed the Creature Catalogs.

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