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Darkspire Falling

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The game is called Darkspire Falling. 1-10 people can play and that's not even counting the "DM/GM" who would be playing the bosses/monsters. So it's really more for 2-10 people but "can" be played solo.

The idea is you have 3 stacks of cards. An enemy stack aka The Dark Spire which the DM/GM chooses from and then a Heros stack which the players draw from and an Item/Event/Equipment deck that players and DM/GM draw from.

The reason for it being "Darkspire Falling" is because in order to win the game the whole point is to take the "Enemy Deck" all the way down and kill every enemy in it. This mechanic also allows you to adjust the difficulty, length, and available player count by stacking the "Spire" or "Enemy Deck" as high or low as you like.

Each turn is done with dice. The dice required will depend on the hero/enemy but the DM/GM will be rolling the monsters attack dice while also rolling a spire die to see if he summons a new minion or not as well as a die for the event/item/equipment deck. While the players will have the exact same setup for their roll except they will have the hero deck die to see if they gain a new hero for their team.

This is the first idea I've ever had that I've decided to make a move on so I really hope I can bring it to life.

Further explination

Technically the game "can" be played 1 player as all the person would have to do is roll the die for the spire and fight the cards they come. It is possible just not as fun as it would be with someone else controlling the enemy thus me allowing for that possibility with it being stated that it could be 1 player so 1-10.

It would be supported by booster sets later to be able to have new heros and monsters to be able to add variety to the games beyond just the same monsters in different order coming out ect but it is not a CCG/TCG they are strictly to be able to make a larger variety in your game or be able to increase the size of the spire for more difficulty without buying another set entirely.

Dice would be included in the game which would be a hero die to roll to see if you draw another hero to add to your army, a spire die to see if the enemy brings down another creature from the spire, both the hero and spire die will have a couple sides that have a draw for the Equipment/Item/Event deck also, then a standard set of die including D6s, D8s, D10s, D20s ect which are used to roll attacks ect depending on the heros/enemies attack/defense listed on their cards.


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Having an idea is all fine

Having an idea is all fine and well, but we can only step in to help after you've tested and encountered a problem which you can't solve.

Just looking at your post, I can't tell any specifics, like how events affect the game, what the GM's role is, how combat is resolved etc etc...thus nothing game breaking can be identified

And if identifying a good idea was formulaic, the world would be a much simpler place

As for what you have currently shared with us, I don't know your goals for this project so I'll just assume your goal is sales, since you mentioned expansion packs.

You might want to research into the current interest in games requiring a DM/GM, or be more clear about the role of the DM/GM while giving a term change.

Right now it seems the DM/GM's job is rather simple, as compared to the classic idea of an actual manager with a lot of stuff to do and take note of. A term change might clear up the misunderstanding if there is one

Since this game looks like it's most fun in a group, you might have to accept an average of 1 copy supporting 4 to 6 people.

While its nice to have lavish goals, I would not even think about expansion packs and such until I can ensure some level of demand. Just focus on making the game work for now.

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