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Designing a board game that deals with jealousy

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Hello friends,

I have applied to a university for master student at "Game design and produciton department " . They want me to design a game with idea below :

Design and document a board game that deals with the issue of "jealousy". The game documentation should include the rules of the game, visualizations of the board, pieces, tokens, and cards. You must introduce all the elements that are needed to play the game. Note also that Jealously should be weaved into the rules in a way that jealousy is a central part of the rule system of your game, not just a thematic addition.

Can you make some comment or advise any idea or games that has similarities or with concept jealousy ?

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This is the first time I've seen this theme.

Hello and welcome to the forum!

I can't say I've ever seen/played a game that uses jealousy as a main component of the game. I'm sure other people will chime in with specific examples if they exist.

In the meantime, it seems to me that you'll have better results if you try to come up with something yourself and THEN post your question. The reason I say this is because it looks like you're asking the following:

"I have applied for a master's degree and here's what they want me to do. Give me ideas."

Perhaps I've misinterpreted your post, but that's what it looks like to me. I suggest that you come up with a rough idea of your game idea and then post it here to get comments and constructive criticism.

Good luck!


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Hareem theme

You'll run with the issue that most gamers are men and the game characters will be female (most hareems had young boys also, but, anyway...)

Characters compete for the preference of the sultan (arabian scenario) or emperor (oriental scenario). Use an euro mechanic with VPs. Add dance, music, poetry and gossip as resources. Plot the hareem layout as a board (cushions room, garden, pool, mirrors room, etc). Move the big-guy randomly between rooms. Have the empreror's wife messing things up for the runaway leader. Add events if you wish, but you are really done with that.

No charge for your first post.

Keep thinking!

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thanx.. I will concentrate on

I will concentrate on this scenerio.
I will wait different replies.

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Most games use jealousy

I would think jealousy plays a part in most games if they are being played competitively. The player that thinks they are losing could be jealous of the other player's perceived advantage. For you design requirement I think it you should try and create game mechanics that would heighten the inherent jealousy of games. Like make it really easy to take another players important resource but make it so they can only do this a small number of times per game. The players will then always be trying to guard their precious resource and looking and waiting to steal the other players resources. Think of yourself as a chef it is your job to use your knowledge of spices(game mechanics) to bring the desired flavors( emotions) out of the dish(game) you are making.

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wasn´t the point the the game

wasn´t the point the the game MECHANICS (rather than theme, like the harem) should handle jealousy?

You might think about what people do when they are jealous and try to simulate this.

My first (not so great) idea was sabotaging the player you are jealous of:
many games allow players to sabotage for each other. It usually cost something to sabotage for another player (money, a card, an order etc.).
Remember that in many games, sabotaging not only damages the targeted player, but also damages the player who performed the sabotage (since it comes with a cost). Hence, the best strategy in many games is to make sure other player sabotage each other, while you do nothing. In your jealousy game though, I think you should encourage sabotage making sure that the cost for sabotaging is MUCH less than the damage it inflicts.

Of course you should have a suitable theme to go with this. Say that you have some kind of card game where people collect gems. They have 5 cards in front of them and their aim is to get the most valuable collection (maybe get same colored gems and as big size as possible).
Each turn players get to choose to either pick a random gem-card from the deck or sabotaging for another player. Maybe the deck contains not only gems, but Event cards.

Add more elements by allowing trading of face-up cards (that can be sabotaged by non-trading players).

Anyway, good luck with this really interesting project!!

P.S. as the previous commenteers, I would have liked you to come up with some rough layout to start the discussion. Must agree that it feels a little bit like "please make my school-work for me".

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I just only want to start a

I just only want to start a brainstorm. Of course, I will make homework by myself.
Did I say anything like this ?
I just wonder that you have an interesting entrance idea or not.

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