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Dice Modifiers

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Joined: 06/18/2014

I was thinking of a light dungeon-crawl filler game, where each character has a dice to represent them. Dis dice has like a class symbol, as well as differing attack, defense, initiative etc values on each side.

This way, if a character attacks or gets attacked, and whatever you roll for that value is then added or subtracted in some way or form to result in a hit or miss?

Is this something worth exploring, I'm not sure if people really want a 'light' dungeon crawl, I know people who are either light gamers or heavy dnd-stle gamers, but not really inbetweeners?

Do you think this coul work, and what should i try when working on this?


Joined: 08/12/2008
Mice and Mystics

Hi Ernst!

Your dice sound a bit like the dice in Mice and Mystics. Have a look at them and see if you can find inspiration!

I think there is room for a light dungeon crawl. To me, the most interesting part of dungeon crawlers are the the feeling of adventure that the game can make me feel. I guess I would be more interested in the game if the game mechanics really tie in to the exploring and fighting of a good dungeon crawl.

What elements of dungeon crawl do you plan to have in you game?


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A lot would depend on what

A lot would depend on what the rest of the game is like. The characters are dice. Do you move them around a map like miniatures? Are the monsters dice as well? One obvious flaw is that you have to pick up the piece each time to roll it, unless you roll the die every time that you move into a new area and use only that result for the area.

Personally, I wouldn't be interested in a game if it were essentially Dungeon/Hero/Dragon Quest with dice for minis. I just bought Descent to play with my son precisely because he will enjoy the miniatures so much (and because the game play is easy enough that even the slack-jawed yokels in his class could manage it), even though there are much more affordable options with counters, etc. Minis are part of the genres appeal, although frankly, I have no idea what the appeal of a dice game is (even though I own hundreds of dice).

Also, my experience is that more casual gamers and non-RPG types aren't as interested in dungeon crawl-themed games. For example, I'm a big fan of FFG's Cave Troll, which is a dungeon-themed area control game game. All of the women whom I've played it with were fine with the mechanics, and enjoy other comparable games, but didn't enjoy the game because of its theme. That segment seems generally repelled by anything themed gritty war, my orc eats your fighter fantasy, or big-boobed console game-style teenager bait games, like the best board game of all time, Homoerotic Pimp Lords of the Zombie Apocalypse (Excessive Violence Edition).

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Slack-jawed yokels. Haha! The

Slack-jawed yokels. Haha!

The idea is just that, an idea that i thought might be good enough.

I was thinking you'd roll each time you dow something, like attack/explore/defend, so that each time your stats are altered slightly so that gameplay doesn't get stale?

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