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Dr Game! Fight Bacteria, Fungi, Virus', & Parasites

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Ok... So I have been working on a really solid game for a while. I don't get on my laptop much, and hate typing so much on my phone, so here it is!

Tentative Name: Dr
Number of Players: 1 (Solo Only... it'll make sense later)
Playtime: Under 30 min
Theme: Medical...
Style: Over exaggerated cartoon style art
Goal: Keep the patient alive
Mechanic: Deckbuilding, Risk/Reward, Hand Management, etc...

This will all make much more sense if you have played the solo game "Friday" before.

Ok... So the setup involves several decks, one marker to track health, and that's about it... it is how the cards interact that is where the magic happens. ;) There are only 2 different cards backs basically. One for each Disease Type. And one for Macro/Micro Decks that are indicated by the color of text/border on the front of the card.

There is:
1 "Macro" Deck (Green)
1 "Micro" Deck (Blue)
4 "Disease Type" Decks
- Bacteria
- Fungi
- Virus
- Parasite
4 Health Condition Cards that's the head (Green, Yellow, Red, Black=dead)
5 Body Location (Healthy) cards

So setup goes:
Lay out the "Head" cards out. They each have a 1-10 track on the card for health as well as a face showing the condition of the patient. This card is the head... the head cannot be infected. These cards are actually sideways and stacked up.

Directly below place the torso, to the left the left arm, right arm, and 2 leg cards below that (When all placed they make a large image of the patient) Disease cards will be placed right on top, indicating which body part is infected with what... pretty simple.

The Macro/Micro Cards are like Friday, as the card has duel purposes if spun around 180 degrees.
Macro Cards (Green) have a body location, and a number when spun around. This number will be in green.
Micro Cards (Blue) have the disease type, and number when spun around. This number will be in Blue.

You basically draw a hand of 6 cards. Draw a Macro and Micro card, this will tell you what disease to draw and what location it will infect.
This will have number's in green, yellow, and red boxes that correspond to the health status. There will be a green and blue number listed in these boxes. You must beat these with the cards in your hand to fight off the disease. Most diseases will also have special rules fyi (bad stuff will happen!).

If you beat both Macro and Micro requirements, then you get to decide whether you want to add both cards to your deck, or remove both from the game as well as discard the disease card. If you only beat the Macro requirement, for example, then you add that card to your deck, and are forced to subtract the Micro amount from your health. The disease stays, end of turn subtract 1 health.. You can beat any card by subtracting it from your health, but you may only discard it to the deck's discard pile.

You keep doing this, all the while building your deck. Every time your health changes colors, you must add new, more difficult, but rewarding cards to the macro and micro deck.

If a body part has a disease, you lose 1 health per turn... you do not want to keep your patient diseased! At any time after it has been played, you can pay the Macro/Micro cost to cure and discard it... but not any health points. If there are ever 3 disease cards on one body part at the start of your turn, that part is "amputated" and removed from play. When that part is drawn, substitute with the next closest limb with no/the le
ast number of diseases infecting it.

Once you have gotten through all the Disease Type cards, and are still alive, you must draw 1 last final disease card (from 5-10). This will have special rules, if you survive, you win, if not, you lose.

Some other additions as far as special rules go, there are some disease cards that are good! The are "IV Bag" cards. There are also some Macro/Micro cards with "IV" for body location. If you draw "IV (for body location) and Bacteria, for example, you would be able to use your IV bag for it's ability (in this case) to cure one Bacterial Infection. Others might have +1 Health, +2 Macro... etc. But you get to use it.
You can only have 2, they are placed below the left and right leg if drawn from your deck and played.

So... there you have it... I think I mostly covered it all. I'm a bit bored with my solo game Friday. Thought up this game a few months back, and decided to incorporate the deckbuilding and the scoring system somewhat as well. There are definitely key differences... playtesting has yet to fully commence, I have the card stats down so far I think. but it is a bit trickier than I expected to make the double macro/micro cards "fair". I don't want certain body locations hit harder than others, or have all the better cards somehow have non proportionate body locations.

What do you guys think???? :D
I'll be working on it tonight, get my first full prototype made up and playtest this thing... I'll post any revelations... :P

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