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This is an idea I've created recently which I'd like to share. It's basically the first idea of a group of ideas for a game (board game hopefully) which I could make real.

I made this game with the idea that you are in a fantasy setting with a lot of players. I tried to construct it as simply as possible.

The basic idea of the game is to make something out of the idea for 'ante' cards where to my understanding you can get a card for winning a game. It starts with a (D)ragon(M)aster who is set to have more cards then you, and a group of players with cards who duke it out on a map somewhere.

The first idea is that in this game is that you would have initial set speeds, and other stats. Then comes the eventual 'wound' from the DM. The wound is created by doing 5+ points of damage from a monster or card to the player in a single turn. Then you would lose one life and take a wound, giving the Dragon Master a card. If you in turn evade wounds for one turn, you take a card from the DragonMaster. I think the best way is to permanently ante away the card, but in a board game this would be unnecessary and would be cost-efficient, with the coolest cards and powers around.

Note: I like making things cheaper. I wish that even more than a board game could work with this idea. +I wish it could even have custom cards.

First off, classes available to the players:
(Colors around the border of the card means what player it came from.)
Knight +3 Life +3 Magick +2 Power +2 Cards Speed: 8
Ranger +2 Life +2 Magick +3 Power +3 Cards Speed: 7
Fighter +4 life +3 Magick +2 Power +1 Cards Speed: 6
Archer +3 Life +2 Magick +1 Power +4 Cards Speed: 5
Cleric +2 Life +1 Magick +4 Power +3 Cards Speed: 4
Druid +1 Life +4 Magick +3 Power +2 Cards Speed: 3
Mage +6 Life +5 Magick +2 Power +1 Cards Speed: 2
Wizard +3 Life +2 Magick +3 Power +6 Cards Speed: 2

races are:
1Human: Speed +1, Life +1
2Elf: Speed +2, Magick +1
3Dwarf: Speed +1, Life +2
4Gnome: Speed +2, Power +1
5Halfling: Speed +2, Cards +1
6Giant: Speed +1, Life +3 Extra Hardy +1 Defense
7Lizard: Speed +1, Life +1, Magick +1, Power +1
8Pheonix: Speed +3, Cards +1, Flies
9DemiGod Elemental: Speed +1, +1 Life, +1 elemental damage AEFW&Poison
10God Angelic: Speed +1, +1 Cards, +1 Power -Light-
1Goblin: Speed +2, Life +2
2Orc: Speed +1, Life +3
3Gnoll: Speed +1, Power +2
4Bugbear: Speed +1, Life +1, Magick +1
5Kobold: Speed +2, Cards +1
6Troll: Speed +1, Life +4 Extra Muscly +1 Attack
7Reptile: Speed +1, Life +2, Cards +2
8Dragon: Speed +3, Power +1, Flies
9DemiGod Undead: Speed +1, -Non-Ressurectable-
10God Demonic Speed +1, Life +2, Magick +2 -Darkness-

General Monster List: Weight
Beetle L0 HP1 MP0 Cost0 S2 Animal 10
Spider L0 HP2 MP1 Cost1 S1 Poison 30
Goblin L1 HP4 MP2 Cost2 S5 Humanoid 50
Orc L2 HP5 MP3 Cost3 S4 Humanoid 80
Skeleton L3 HP6 MP4 Cost4 S6 Undead 100
Lich L4 HP7 MP5 Cost5 S3 Magical 150
Dragon L5 HP8 MP6 Cost6 S7 Beast 200

Hit points, Mana Points, Casting Cost, Speed, Type, Weight which is 1 + a zero.

General Equipment List:
Clothing GP: -0 Def1 Arm0 1
Vest GP: -1 Def1 Arm1 3
Leather Armor GP: -3 Def3 Arm2 5
Chainmail GP: -5 Def4 Arm3 8
Metal Armor GP: -7 Def5 Arm4 10
Platemail GP: -9 Def6 Arm5 15

Knife GP: -0 Atk1 Dam0 1
Dagger GP: -1 Atk1 Dam1 3
Staff GP: -3 Atk3 Dam2 5
Spear GP: -5 Atk4 Dam3 8
Sword GP: -7 Atk5 Dam4 10
Blade GP: -9 Atk6 Dam5 15

Sling GP: -0 Range1 Dam0 1
Darts GP: -1 Range1 Dam1 3
Spear GP: -3 Range3 Dam2 5
Crossbow GP: -5 Range4 Dam3 8
Bow GP: -7 Range5 Dam4 10
Gun GP: -9 Range6 Dam5 15

Ammo/Repair/Tools GP: -2 10/5/1 use per 2
Pots: 5 GP per 6
Food: 4 GP per 4

HP Pot= Two Uses
MP Pot= Two Uses

Physical Magick:
Stamina Pot=Three Uses
Food=One use stamina charge 1d6
Food Potion=Four uses
Created Food Potion=Five Uses

The first two are more common... followed by rarer types.
Stamina is used for 'physical' magic energy. If you do not have stamina, you do not move, but if you're a physical class, you can handle this easier.
(it's energy which allows you to move, like that from your muscles.)

Example of a custom card:
"Armor Boon.
Someone cast a spell of armor on you.
You have +1 armor permanently until
the ending of the card."

Body weight = 100 plus 10 for every foot of height, +50.

Air supply = 200+Life rating.
You spend 1 air per every 10 weight you carry,
treat under 10 as 1 air per turn.

Any stamina gained = double gained in health. (Not lifes.)

Stats are as follows:
Life = 5 damage per
Magick = 2 tapping per (To tap and untap)
Power = 1 card played per
Cards = 10 cards in deck total per point

Exp system for gaining levels (which allows one stat raise of choice.)
+1 EXP gained per life of monster killed. +5 EXP per level of monster killed. Levels gained every 1,000 exp, and then every level after an increased 500 exp.

Rest = singly rests all stats available indvidually.
(1d6 per minute. I like the idea of 50 turns a minute, with 10 turns being time it actually takes to -go- and do something, not just complete it. As per stamina.)

No terrain: Dirt, Cobblestone, Road: +1 Speed
Ultra light terrain: Grass, Pebbles: +0 Speed
Light terrain: Tall Grass, Small Rocks: -1 speed
Medium terrain: Water, Logs, Bushes: -2 Speed
Heavy terrain: Trees, Lava, Magma: -3 Speed
Heaviest terrain: Castle Walls, People, Traps, etc.: -4 Speed

Those are the basic rules, followed by the a more complex one for reincarnation where you get a boon from god at level 100 and 1000 and get an enlightenment point at 1000 as well. This rule seems impossible, but would add depth and make a nice computer game :).

-1 = Incarnate (Gains +1 boon from god. Spend wisely.)
0 = Shift (Granted by the gods)
Note you only gain these lower ones by not being athiest and can
only be attained by enlightenment.
1 = levitate
2 = Intelligence +1 (+1 Stat)
3 = Sight +1 (Ability to see, vision improved)
4 = Aura +1 (Damage, energy that is around you.)
5 = Surge +1 (Surge gives back lost health, mana, and stamina points when used.)

I'm not sure if any of this is copying, but I tried to be as original as possible.

I don't know if I said this before but my rules all started with the idea of me hitting a wall one day, and realising that the hit exists, it can exist for existing in the first place, you hit it, it hit you, and created a hit. Then spent the five double for 10, being spent, it now equals each finger worth 100. (10, 20, 30, etc. including thumbs!) Then you spend it a single time more (spend what is already spent to a complete able amount) for one thousand (100, 100, 100, etc. = one thousand.) This would allow 1d1000 rolls and greater percentile rolls, etc. (that would be 4d10.)

The basic rules other than that are 1d4 = natural for being the first dice available to use (box = square = four sides = first available dice, right? coins do not count.) and 1d6 being the 'hit' or 'reality' of the dice area. then 4d6 = the amount used, plus 1d6 more for 5d6. I took one out to make the game easier, cheaper, etc. and added in 1d6 as a sort of balancing tool, if a hit exists, then something must always then exist, right? the 5d6 is a 'mini' dice used for more complicated things and called rolls, cheating, etc. (Punishment.) and the mini comes from that the smallest dice (1d4) would have a smaller 1d4, since no smaller dice is allowed, this mini-hit dice as I call it (which could be counted as a small dice in the board game...) extends the game rules which I've created, and is justification for not using 5d6, and thus an uneven 4d6 (better balancing in my opinion.)

You add 1d4 to each stat before playing. That's a 'natural' boost, and most of my rules are optional. Except the 'set' rules of course.

Terrain can be created, but I like the original idea like heroquest's board idea. (Search, traps, monsters, stairs, etc.) And would give the DragonMaster a chance to attack you, and to you to evade.

Customization allowed. You can even make the rules up if you like. Imagine away. The sky's the limit with me.

And that's the game idea I created. I hope you like it.
Thanks for reading. Any comments welcome. =)

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Sorry guys but...

I just went and contacted WoTC on copyright issues and game submission (under topic game submission.) told them very little and they replied they only accept professionals. I am at loss on how you can afford such a thing... and I don't really have the time or ability to self-publish. So if the forum moderater wants to delete this post, it's pretty much old in my opinion. I looked for quite a while on the subject and really am at a loss on how to even start a fantasy board game reasonably speaking. I have no real credentials. I don't even normally pursuade people often. I guess I'm in over my head. This may seem stupid, but I think I should bury the idea and come clean. Honestly, if you ask me, it's the big companies that should come to -you-. I don't see how you will always have the money to do this type of thing...(or anything else.) so if you want this post deleted right away, go ahead. That's how I feel about it.

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Becoming a Professional

Do you think that you could reword your post as a set of instructions instead?

Typically the rules for a game begin with list of components, how the game needs to be set up and a goal to which the players singularly or collectively strive. After laying out the object of the game, the rules often tell you what you can and cannot do with all the components and provide examples to help clarify any confusion that may arise in the instructions. As long as the rules specify how you can determine the outcome of all possible choices and all possible combination of components allowed by the choices, then it is often up to the players to figure out how to win. But, many rules also include hints on strategy when a game is fairly complicated.

If your game design is presented as a set of rules and a list of components, then it is possible to build a prototype and playtest the game to see if it is interesting and sound. But, a prototype also gives you something to show publishers if they are interested in the theme / idea of your game. A publisher will never accept a design without playtesting it first. So... a prototype is a necessarily component of publication.

However, having a prototype will not itself open all the doors that you need to publish a game. So, you may have to rely upon a little bit of luck or finding the right person to represent you to push your game design forward. One of the ways that you can increase your chances is to bring your prototype to game conventions and try to get other people to play it with you. There are also game design competitions where you can submit your prototype. And, specific playtesting groups and playtesting events where game designers get together to try out each other's work.

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Don't be discouraged. No one

Don't be discouraged. No one starts out with any credentials; I certainly don't have any. It is a long and laborious process to develop a game. Most games don't ever make it. My first game totally sucked. I thought it was a good idea but when I actually played it, it was terrible, long and boring with too many dice and rolls, too many cards and rules, etc. But I kept a few ideas, reworked the game over and over and now its a lot of fun. It took a long time.
Now you obviously have put a lot of thought into your game and you have some good ideas. But you can't just run to a big publisher and expect them to make your game. I'm sure there are hundreds of games they get bombarded with. I suggest you start by making a working prototype to playtest. Write a rulebook. It doesn't have to be fancy at first (use index cards or whatever). Play it by your self and try to be objective. As you work out the bugs yourself, then get friends or family to play it and get their feedback. Ask for help on this forum. Make better prototypes, you can learn a basic graphics program. I use because it was free and intuitive to learn. For your own prototype just paste images from the internet. Later you can use a Print on demand company to make a decent looking game (just don't use copyrighted images). It doesn't have to cost a lot, only your time and dedication. The reality is you may never get published but you might. In any case you can still make games that your proud of and that people enjoy. To me, that's reward enough on its own.

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OOPS! looks like I...

I goofed and lost a great post... by clicking the wrong button up at top instead of 'preview' anyhow... so to sum up what I said in so few of words... I am sorry I did not mean to come up front angrily. I am just discouraged, 27, in a foster care home, and make 50$ a month presently (low income housing would be like 200$.) unemployed.. but if I get a job... I could make more part time... like 500 more a month... and that would help a prototype come along. My mom and dad are both getting old (70s-80s I think...) and I don't know how long they'll be around for me. (Lots of brothers and sisters who love me though.) I'm bi-polar (ups and downs.) and have run into trouble before. Don't mind me. I just get under people's skin a lot. =)... The rules basically are this: Have fun (of course), go make realistic descriptions of everything(+5 damage = 1 life 2 life half health means something happened to it that made it bloodied), be heroic, and some more I can't think of, lost in in the last post... will post if I can think of anything important other than that... The rules are just as they are though, don't you understand them? I'd explain some more if you'd like, but not sure what to say... I come on strong guys... just like me I guess. Anyways... My brother blake is an artist. and the owner here has a nephew who does some japanimation and as far as I know I might be able to get them to help me. I've been banned from many forums and games (and kicked) and insulted and I just feel hurt I guess. Anyhow, Thanks for your replies.... (It has been happening to me up 'till now... I said something that must've made people angry at lavendise, got blocked IP address... I guess... and in quake years ago -that's 1- online I would get into confrontation with people... but to sum it up... I always thought I was the good guy... and sometimes was bad too. Oh and I didn't expect them to do anything really. I just wanted to know about the copyright infringement on tapping and surges... though not a professional, I do know how to talk... and stand up for what I believe in... therefore why do I need an agent? What's he gonna do? He doesn't manufacture anything does he? That confuses me, is all.

This is my first game idea and I have some more to share with you if you'd like to listen. They're more expensive propositions though is why I didn't use them. I forgot what else I was going to say, I do that often... anyways... The board ideas were one where a player rolls 2d6 and there's 2 goblins as one figure, one short one tall, and as many as four players... You essentially run around on the miniature map trying not to get rolled over by a goo-like-ball... then if you do get gooed you are essentially 'dead' and out of the game. I wanted a miniature press for plastic figures, and I came up one two more board games to share with you for a name 'dragonworld' (pretty big idea, huh?)... one was dungeoneer, traps, or dungeon traps (not sure if those are used, I like traps the best...) where it's essentially like heroquest and you go across a map right to left, left to right, then right to left again... or construct it yourself... the catch is if you hit a trap, you must tell someone a secret that they would like to know... about your love life... or particularly, girlfriends and why you -"Love"- them... or more particularly a --person-- no not anything naughty... at least not in any intelligent manner, anyhow. (i guess it would be R rated then, wouldn't it?) the other was a game called Slaughter where you run around the map and go across an 8 pattern on the ground (or constructable) and every once and a while in a big square a big "wurm" i created this up myself as a dragon without wings basically, much like the green wurm in the early renditions of magic cards I used to play with as a child. Green Craw wurm I think it was, anyhow... this "Green Craw Wurm" would 'attack' the middle square, thus grabbing a character, and removing it from the game. Initially I thought guns would be the best, but I'm not so sure now if it should be fantasy... (I'm a fantasy buff, why not get more from ideas then from scientific theorims?) Then you must melt and recreate you character if anything... unruly happened to it.. (with the compressor, to make more money.) then... one more... I came up with this idea... why not SCIENCE and FANTASY + FICTION I created that as a mixture sort of like Empire Earth where you 'build-up' to guns, then would attain scientific anomoly (pretty darn intelligent at least, I think.) I got that from a book back at home in cedar where billy had one with both. It was a fascinating book. fascinating read. Didn't read it. Don't do that often... =)

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The formatting in your last

The formatting in your last post seemed to be a bit garbled, but I think I can address a couple of the things you mentioned.

First off, Richard's reply (above) is a very good description of how to go about designing a game. Also, it's good to remember whether you're in it to get your game published, or just to create a good game to play. If you haven't done it before, then you have no experience, and I recommend not worrying so much about the business end until later. If you want to make a game, then make a game and have fun playing it!

As for agents, they play an interesting role. Much like agents for Actors or other industries, they can often open doors that you yourself cannot. You mentioned that Wizards of the Coast only works with professionals? Well, an agent is like a professional in the industry. A publisher (WotC or another one) might not have time or desire to delve through every single submission from every single first-time designer, because frankly most of them aren't good. It's not uncommon for a publisher to state that they do not accept unsolicited submissions. An agent however acts as a filter. If an agent comes to me with a game and suggests that it might be a good fit for Tasty Minstrel Games, I am reassured that he's gone through the trouble already of reading the rules, probably playing the game, and wouldn't be showing it to me if he thought it was terrible. He also probably wouldn't be showing it to me if he thought it didn't fit in Tasty Minstrel's line. So an agent in this industry can be very useful.

As for a prototype, it does not have to be expensive. If you plan to design a game, than at some point you will have to make a prototype in order to try it out. This can be index cards with writing on them, pieces from other games you already own, etc. It doesn't have to be fancy at all, and in fact I recommend AGAINST spending a lot of money on a prototype because it's likely you'll need to change it many times.

Good luck!

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Correct. I guess I goofed up my own post a bit here... Hope I didn't confuse anyone... anyhow the point is I did try it out a couple of times and I don't really know where to go from there with it... Index cards and d&d miniatures and all...

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Fury-Justice wrote:Correct. I

Fury-Justice wrote:
Correct. I guess I goofed up my own post a bit here... Hope I didn't confuse anyone... anyhow the point is I did try it out a couple of times and I don't really know where to go from there with it... Index cards and d&d miniatures and all...

Read Richard's (rcjames14) post again, he outlines a good process, beginning with organizing and writing down the rules.

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I read as much as I could over and over again and I think I get the point "Rules" "What you can and cannot do" and "Goal" and definately -not- the hazardous "instructions" okay I get what you mean there. I'll try to do this as best I can. You are either the Dragonmaster good, or evil... and the heroes are either good, or evil... and then attack each other on a playing field. Good vs Evil would be the main scheme. (BTW I never specified the DragonMaster stats very well... He can even have classes that effect how much ATK DEF points he gets and I also added in channeling points which he uses to summon the costs of his minions. Also you can play the game in 1 card format not ten as well, I don't think I said that clearly enough either...) The idea is to create a harmony like fantasy game... You get ATK DEF ratings right? When you pick up an item, and roll a proper dice, like quality level 1-4 you would pick up the appropiate dice and get a weapon of equal value. You then spend the points on atk, damage, or anything else you want to enchant it with permanently. Enchantements would therefore be not permanent but cards could be used as permanent enchantments. The "Hit" and 1d6 1d4 would be a sort of spiritual omen to attract players to the game, as if it were real. The gods would ressurect you, and put you back in town, saving you from harm. Your god choice would also effect the story or plot that would unfold. The basic idea of the plot is the dragonmaster to get you, and you get him, then if you get him, become the dragonmaster, and have more fun being the 'dm'. The town plays an important part, and would be fun to make up yourself. I encourage this. I like you to make your own towns and imaginings in your mind so that you could see what you wanted to see in fantasy, instead of someone else's idea. I believe imagination is real, and you can use this tool to better your life. The unathiest approach and belief in god would be the same idea, I think. You have to imagine a messiah to truely believe in him. You must know him, or see him, or anything or he'd just talk to you in person. You spend 1 stat per level on anythign including the speed... and the power would be used as stamina. (again, I did not know this at the time.) The rest followed the basic hit rules and is the rules system I would use and explain in the manual. That if you hit your imagination, you could make it 'real' to yourself for one session of gaming, thus a healthy thought. Not a gorey one, or a dishonest one. Just plain healthy, methinks. You start the game by placing the players on a board with randomly created terrain by the dragonmaster (thus the person who runs the place.) which would be inside or outside of a dungeon. You create your character cards with what I should've explained correctly earlier... basically little hearts for life, stars for power, four point stars for channeling (DM), swords for attack and damage, Shields for defense and armor... The DM can either 'gun-ho' it and put the stuff in as he sees fit to make it fair, or just put ti there ahead of time, either by behind a screen, on notes, or in his mind. The reason I ask him to gun ho it though is more added realism, there's no point in a game if you can't do it up front... it's cheating to do otherwise, In my opinion. That's the power of imagination, thought, and the hit coincidentally. Shouldn't it have been there if you wanted it there a moment ago? Yes. You just didn't open the chest yet. That's a 'hit' like I explained above. You can set up the price list if you are DM, and the players basically go around playing "Octopus" surviving. PK'ing allowed. Tk'ing allowed. I expect the guards to come if they hear it though. And I don't mean D20 then guards 'appear out of nowhere' and kill you. If there is no other method, simply 4D6 and quality level 1-4 and if it's a 6 then it's like a 25% chance of him hearing or seeing the event. Upon a 50% if you're not convinced roll a 1d6 and get a 6 then he has to come... in front of everyone's eyes to see. 3-5 and people can argue the point. 1 and he can make it fail. Thus the DM would be evil like, and the players would engross themselves in a neverending evil plot or scheme... and have fun being naughty at the same time. 5 pts of speed to attack, and 5 pts of difficulty are added in 'to-hit'. Your speed helps your defense. Once your armor is penetrated, which is an equal roll of attack (sword beats shield, not shield beats sword... offense vs defense... and thus, the 'hit' again... hit something and it goes -away- or breaks... thus the offense wins, that's it's purpose after all...) then damage is factored in against armor. You can roll the D4 one more time on top of the 4d6 and 1d4 (I didn't say this either earlier, but playtested and thought it was better.) that you did in the first place. If the ATTACK roll is higher than the defense value, add damage. 5 points of damage = 1 life or heart crossed out. I did this on index cards with erasable pens. I imagine there are other ways but that worked for me. The d4 rolled more = more damage thus a sling CAN do enough damage, given a d4 is rolled 4... the ammo also does 1 point of damage (it's a hit, it does 1 point of damage or one more of something... it's an arrow, hits you... one more point of damage.). Upon death you either get ressurected or you lay there. The enemy can wound you again and again beyond the point of death into negative health, taking your cards, therefore elimination from the game... if you are eliminated from the game, you are considered to have 'disappeared' some how. These cards are your stamina, life force, and only life after death, and a lot of other things... or maybe your god teleports you back to reality, or life gives you new life... I suppose all of them work. And I would encourage you to use the latter of god helping you... instead of being athiest. This would be to your advantage as you would be moved to a sanctity location or safe location of good or evil. If evil gets you and you are good, you would have to fight your way out... run, get help... where having someone as a helper or 'god' would save you a lot of trouble. Your team would have to rescue you would make more bonding, which is important in a game. (I had a simple rule that worked for the dragonmaster's character sheet called limiting him... but I didn't like it much... it was that if you have more attack you must get attack and if you have more defense you must have more defense instead of armor or damage...) So.... the dragonmaster would have to spend like a weapon and get what he wants to the type of class he is (I didn't put this in my post, battlewielder, guardian, and cardmaster, with +4 cards and +1 to attack and defense cardmaster, Guardian = 3 def 2 attack 1 card, and battlewielder 3 attack 2 def and 1 card. I didn't have channeling at the time but that would be a 'growth' ability, and thus the point of the game and winning... you would roll for it and 'flunk' out and then someone else could win.) I did want the melting figures that got re-built to happen to this one.. imagine never losing your plastic figures again! that'd be cool if you ccould just take two parts and melt them, then rebuild them.. though costly, and I don't know how... I think plastic works this way... and could be made into a small instrument children could even use... and with 2 inch by 1 inch figures... this would be neat... especially for early on in making the game. =) Thus, the point being defeating the dragonmaster's plot (be it good or evil) and win the day. Save the damsel in distress. That sort of thing. Stories and families should be punctual and imaginative... to allow the dragonmaster to add in prisoners, or for surpise attacks to karmically happen to him (cause and effect.). Rerolls not allowed. But it is an option to use the hit to reroll 1 die once... and then 'toast' it. That means don't change it. Gotta be the way it is or it's cheating. I would like better if the DragonMaster had this ability more often... or even just him. Anyways... The cards should be comprised of 1d4 in the beginning, and if 1d4 is rolled, +1 bonus of enchantment thus a effect on the card... or otherwise should just be normal 4 status-quo ideas in the card which only effect certain things such as "Sword+does damage of+Target+another target" example of not happening 1d4 = 3 "Sword+Does damage+Target+another target" and a 1d4 rolled 1 with a +1 from a perfect 1d4 4 roll "Sword+Death Roll" = yes and a 3 "Sword+Death+Save(again)" is no, that'd be two +1's, and is not even phesibly possible in my opinion, only one reroll would be my idea... but that would be a great development. Basically one point = 1 gold. 5 gold and gamble for a 1d6 and get a 6 roll = a +1 enchantment to add would make the game much better. These could be +1 'stones' in your pack that could even be stolen by monsters if not used properly! The whole idea is to be as fair as possible, as to not "Dragonwound" yourself and attain a rank or marking on your soul that you didn't win as DM... then kill your friends more, help them more, -get more-. A dragonwound is when you don't escape, win, kill everything, or for some reason you just plain die as the dragon master. DW the DM is a bad thing for DM, good thing for you. You could spend these for gold in town, and I would start out by saying I'm not sure what'd ever pay that off, but the basic 4d6 comes up easily enough. (and works okay, in my opinion.) factions could also rise out of these conflicts and battles. Sorry for the long post, did I get everything? these are not written rules but more a formula and if you read this all I commend you! That's the basic idea. I can't think of anything else important... btw 1 point of speed per movement, and 1 to open etc. If it's heavy it DOES equal - the amount it would be in... thus -3 in this case, I expect that to work... and there's no point in writing them all down in my opinion, or a board game would be impossible. Oh yeah, and as far as drowning, if you drown, you should just die.. in my opinion if you swallow water you're as good as toast and should have 1 turn to attempt a run away... I like using the 4d6 all the time, I think it's simpler, and the d6 come up 6 you move one square or die and need the cleric or druid to bring you back to life then so be it. (I suppose a good nature spell would do that, or protect you in the first place from drowning....)

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One more thing to say...

I also expanded on the idea of just having the board game to possibly a miniatures game/RPG with rulebook before and don't think I've mentioned it. (I read the posts I made several times, although lengthy, I don't remember saying this and a scan-read could be me making a goes...) Basically, it's a clone of the products out there so I didn't give it much thought. It would be Muscle (like strength) Tone (like dexterity) and Brains (Like Intelligence). I think it'd fit fine in this game I've made... and think it is quite a new idea to use. I also developed lots of other ideas to put in the game such as Reactors for Robotek (That of battletech.). Like I said, this is basically cloning so I don't think it'd be an easy project, besides... it would take a lot of work to get a working rule set as well. So to sum it up basically I could clone any games with these three rules, and then thus being able to play them (mainly for my own use of course, not sure if other people want a clone...). Names are Robotek, Wilderness and Wurms, and Warhammer(With a warhammer in the picture, I don't think they've done that... or make that specifically the name--hey, it could work... or just be a game I play myself!). Boy, was that obvious. If it worked, it'd be even more obvious it was a good idea. Heh... Those are in place of BattleTech, Dungeons and Dragons, and Warhammer 40k

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