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Dungeon Flip (Solitaire) - 16 card microgame

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When printing, select the option that prints on two/both sides (long edge of page) in your printer settings.

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This looks fun

I think I'll print it out for the kids. Just to clarify, after the cards are flipped & the coordinates worked out for the hex card do you flip the cards back face down unless they are a key adjacent to a correct chest? I.e. Doors, monsters, keys &/or chests not adjacent to the correct pairing are turned back face down.

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They remain face up.

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two thumbs up

This game looks simple, elegant and original. I'll play it sometime.

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This has come a long way!

This has come a long way! Thanks for sharing it!

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Updated Rules

Contents: 16 cards, rule booklet

How to Play
Shuffle the 16 cards and place them face down in a 4x4 grid.

Each turn, flip two cards. Whenever a monster is revealed face up, swap two face-down cards1. Pair the numbers on the two flipped cards, in either order, to get the new coordinates. The card located at those coordinates must be one of the two cards flipped next turn2. Proceed to the next turn.

Losing the Game
If 4 or more monsters are face up at any point during the game, you lose the game.

Winning the Game
When all 4 keys and 4 treasure chests are face up and all 8 monsters are face down, you win the game!

Heroic Mode - Each key must also be adjacent to its matching treasure chest.

1If the other flipped card is face down when a monster is revealed face up, it can be one of the two face-down cards swapped.

If both flipped cards reveal a monster, two sets of face-down cards must be swapped. However, the same set of face-down cards can be swapped twice, effectively keeping them at their original locations.

2Example: Two cards are flipped, one shows a 4 and the other a 1. One of the two cards that must be flipped next turn is located at your choice of either 1 column over and 4 rows down (1,4) or 4 columns over and 1 row down (4,1) in the 4x4 grid.

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