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Empire of Man

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Over the decades. From when i played my 1st boardgame 'Panzergruppe Guderian' [ssi #57 i think]
I have been interested in designing games.
As a military historian, a technologist, a generalist and a stochastic analyst. You could say the path is obvious.

The huge amount of Sf and mil history fused with stochastics means the game i am and have been working on for some time. Has a strategic map that encompasses a sphere 20 light years in diameter with sol at center.

While i am technically capable on PC's [i build my own and power game machines for others]
I have not the code knowledge to create what i desire in software format.
So i return to the roots and make it on boards.

Design concept:

Human expansion and interaction 2050 to2300
3 levels plus overwatch/strategic
1:Strategic . Local star group out to Procyon and Luyten's star ~ 10 to 12 LY's
Movement theory is of course central. Do i use Newton and Einstein or get all hyperspacy.
Niether. In 2041 Thomas K Banks invents the InertiaD generator. When turned on...[requiring 10 Gwatts]
It produces a field that reduces interia to ~10% of norm. The field will NOT turn on if the field area is in a space warped by more than ~ 100 million metric tons of mass. Think about it.
Thus we get to 1.6megatons of warship at 4 G [a 'dreadnaught']
Weaponry is mass drivers[Rail phalanx for example]. Particle beams. X and light lasers. A gamut of dumb and intelligent drones with up to gigaton warheads. Full em and ecm suites. chaff.
These ships are designed and built by player at fantastic cost.
The cost comes in with the orbital constructs or OC's
OC's are huge manufacturing and control facilities in earth and lunar trojan orbit. They are a mini game in themselves as they collect resources to build the fleet.
OC's are human corporate entities. Thysen and Mitsubishi. Boeing and Gen Electric. They fight for contracts and prestige in this new/old order.

Overwatch is you.. The leader of the world government. The empire of man.
As a cyborged Leader. You have say i all that occurs. You plan and you do.

Till now that was a big job. but reports of a contact with an alien vessel in 61 cygni just reshaped your reality


Joined: 02/11/2010

site truncated my post
missing bit.. [i save everything lol]
Maybe mods dont think im serious..?
Want a pic of my strat map in water pastels .. took 4 weeks to make.
[think 'backgrounds in X3']

some small reference

On second thought forget it. I've always done better on my own.
Admin please delete this thread and cancel my account.
I wont be back

Louis Gridley Wu

hasta la vista 'baby'

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Yo all,

Clicking on the above image link did indeed show a star map of sorts, but it also opened a second window to some "amateur live cams" or somesuch site (that'll teach me to browse BGDF at work! :P).

-- Mark

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