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Escape from Site 19 Looking for feedback!

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I represent a designer team from Czech Republic, who have been working on a Board Game based on the SCP Foundation.

What is the SCP Foundation?

Based on, SCP Foundation is a writing website about a real "Men in black" company, where various authors make fictional documents about anomalous items, locations, creatures, and the like. Right now, the number is around 2,500 represented items in total.

What is Escape from Site 19?

EFS19 is a roleplaying Board game, best summed up as a mixup between Sorry!, Arkham Horror and Activity, and even that is a strange mixup! We started the game design in May 2013. After a long work on the design, we are currently creating the graphics and looking for feedback from various board game / SCP Foundation fans.

What can you help with?

We are currently looking for feedback on various game mechanics, graphic designs, tasks in the game, and the like. If you would like to help out, please mail me at Kamil.Beer (a) Personalized e-mail communication had proven to be much more effective than posting publicly. Like with the proverb of throwing mud at the barn door - only a bit will stay there!

Even though we cannot offer anything in the way of money, you will be properly credited in the final product.
Looking forward for some collaborative work!

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