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Evil organisation game

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Hi folks. Its been a while since I last posted here, work commitments and all that, but I've been checking up every now and again and finally have an idea for a game. I thought I'd chuck it up here and see what people's thoughts are while I work on it. This is just cut and pasted from a doc that I'm working on so there's lots of questions in there that I'm thinking about as I work through things. Anyways.....

Players are all evil geniuses who are aiming to be the evilest bad guy around. Turns could revolve around building your evil lair, recruiting henchmen, building your evil master plan, sending secret agents against your potential rivals, and so forth.

There could be different evil bad guys who have different evil decks. Master plans, dastardly contraptions, henchmen and agent cards. As master plans and dastardly contraptions are completed, infamy points are gained which allows for greater evil lair construction, for more devious plans, more nefarious contraptions to be played until you are the most evil of evil bad guys…

Building your evil lair, recruiting henchmen requires $$$. $$$ are obtained by completing various master plans. Eg. Rob 1st National Bank. Gain $1million + 3 infamy. Some Master plans are unique meaning they can only be played once, others are ongoing, meaning they can be played multiple times. Ongoing Master plans probably won’t have an ongoing infamy effect.

The end of each turn generates the ongoing Infamy for the next round. Do parts of the Evil Lair add infamy points?
Master Plans require certain requirements to fulfil. Some may be evil lair requirements, henchmen requirements, maybe even other master plans to be completed first.

Infamy is possibly tracked around the outside of the board. Should there be a way to replenish infamy each turn to simulate how evil the player is? Can you lose infamy? If so, how?

Infamy could be generated by master plans – when played you get x amount for completing a master plan + plus each turn you ‘regenerate’ a smaller amount of infamy per turn.

What is the ultimate goal? Highest infamy after x turns; only remaining evil dude; complete x no. of master plans?

As you can see heaps of questions and, I think, some good starting points. Heh, some of the paragraphs even contradict earlier points. At least this shows a work in progress:). Any comments would be much appreciated.

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This reminds me of at least 3

This reminds me of at least 3 others games (names unavailable right now because BGG is down) - so my comment is make sure you do your research! It's perfectly fine to make a game that's close in theme to another, but do so with your eyes open - make sure you know the competition and how well they succeeded - what worked, what did not.

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True, but if this would turn

True, but if this would turn out to be the board game version of Evil Genius on the PC, I would pay for a copy right now. Lol.

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Fair enough comment. I hadn't

Fair enough comment. I hadn't had to chance to check out bgg either. :) and it is still down. I did a quick google last night and saw a Cheapass game about building an evil to entice a secret agent then do dastardly things to him, which while similar isn't really what I am intending. I had never heard of teh PC game mentioned by Funky Blue, but sound almost exactly what I was thinking. I guess more research needs doing to ensure it is a viable idea.

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how do the players


Also, I wouldn't worry about the theme being similar to other things. Look at the number of 'hot games' on BoardGameGeek that are about dungeon-crawling (if you're really worried you could easily make the theme owning a dungeon).

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