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Evolving Universe

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Hey all!

What does everyone think about a tabletop RPG where the the initial mechanics, rules, races, etc are posted online for free use but the idea is that the universe in which the game was initially created is updated by fans. The creator or some select people can monitor what is valid or invalid and only apply the appropriate changes. In this way the universe starts off consisting of racial elements in different sectors with some basic ideas for worlds, and players add cities to worlds, new worlds, new items, even new races. Also a story can develop as some groups role play interactions between races, planets, and the elites of the universe.

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Isn't this how most of the

Isn't this how most of the great tabletop RPGs grow anyway? A core concept that is built on and expanded by the player themselves until some of those concepts get "officially" co-opted? Having a site where that is the express intent is somewhat novel... but that is what most RPG site actually are once you get down to it.

I feel like maybe I am missing your core concept...

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Nope you got it. Thanks for

Nope you got it. Thanks for the feedback.
I suppose the only difference between my game and the general trend other tabletop RPGs take is that mine would be free and much more focused on the universe growing in detail and magnitude. Cheers!

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I think if you could develop

I think if you could develop a dedicated community of Arbitors to keep balance and consistancy this would be very awesome. I once ran a tri-stat game with a multiverse theme. I took characters from any style or genre. Then after a couple introductory adventures, each adventure took place defending on of the character's home 'verses. So it was mostly written by the players with me just keeping an eye on balance and keeping a continuing story line somewhat flowing.

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It's not a PnP Game but this MMO does something like this

Not to say it is apples-to-apples, but there is an MMORPG out called "A Tale In The Desert" based on life in Egypt that uses a system of law creation and world evolution. I've never seen another MMO do this and they have an online community with a petition system and everything where the players submit their own laws and changes within the game. It may be good inspiration (if nothing else). You can find their site here:

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