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Fantasy card game, like rpg's?

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Fantasy/Rpg like TCG?

i know this has been used before, such as world of warcraft tcg or whatever. but this is the idea for MY game.

each deck consists of 40 cards
20 heros
5 items
5 artifacts
10 actions

and a level up deck that must have less that 11 cards.

hero's each have
Ba (base attack)
Hp (health points)
Name ( obviously)
Rank (only level 1 can be in deck, rest in level up deck)
race, class and style. race and class are used only for requirments (may add other stats for this same perpose)
style is melee and ranged. if melee, when u attack both hero's attack each other , when attacking with ranged only you hit them.

items are things such as potions, revivals, and items and such from rpg style games.

actions are like special abilities, example.

Lighting Bolt
requres: Mage , Lightning lv 2 (ability) and race must be human or elf.


Fire Rage
Enchant weapon
+5 fire damage
Requires: Mage, enchant level 4 , fire level 3

artifacts are such as

Healing stone
once per turn you may recover one unit (hero, or creature)
50 life points.

The setup is as follows.

You have your deck on your side, you level up deck to it's right or somewhere out of the game.
you each draw 7 cards you can put any hero's in your hand into play (all are lv 1 in deck)
Each turn , each unit (hero's or creature's) can either use an item, attack, or us an action card.
if they use an item, u play an item card use it's ability and put it in the graveyard

if attack,

if they are melee they choose a target, they deal base damage
opponent deals base damage back. end calculation.

if they are ranged
they deal base damage, end calculation.

if action card,
check if they pass requirements, if so continue else discard and end calculation.
attack as usual, but with action cards type, and damage.
or if enchantment, place enchantment on field in a relevant position.
from now on the effect is permanent. unless stated otherwise.

then you are allowed to use one artifact card a turn, these stay on the field permanently, unless destroyed.

If the opponent has no units on the field, you can attack one of their artifacts or their castle, each castle has so much life, depended on how much attack the units will have, and if they attack an artifact it is destroyed.

If a Hero kills a hero your opponent controls (not creature)
if it is a higher level, you level up twice.
Same level, you level up.
lower level, you stay the same level.
If a hero kills a creature, if your hero is level one, level up once, level 2 or higher, stay the same level.

When you level up you put that same hero on top of it but the higher level version.

in your level up deck is Jake Lv 2

in play you have jake your opponent has josh. (these are not real names in game just for example)

jake deals enough damage to kill josh (keep in mind damage does NOT go away after turn end)
because they were both lv 1's jake levels up once.

you take the jake lv 2 and put it on top of jake now ignoring any effects or things on the original jake cards.
there may be revivals or such.

Battle continues until one player destroy's the opponents castle.

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One thing I see here is there

One thing I see here is there appears to be no real incentive to attack in melee. I can understand the reasoning, but what is the point of melee when you can sit back in ranged and not risk getting attacked when you attack them.

Example: You have for melee. If you attack someone and you are in melee, they get to attack back. If you attacked ranged, they don't get to attack back.

Are you planning on having melee attacks do more damage? The reason I ask this is because why not simply have characters sitting in ranged so your opponent doesn't get a free attack on you if you attack them. See? No incentive to stay in melee.

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