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Fantasy game Tech Tree

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Hi there

I'm designing a fantastic card game based on resources.

If any one has played Warlords Battelcry III is something like that but easier.

The players can choose one of this races: Elves (Wood), Humans (Crystal), Minotaurs (Stone), Dwarves (Metal) and Saurians (Leather)

In addition (at the moment) are two other types of "race" that only can be accessed during the game: Demons and Undeads. (both have spirit stones as resource).

I need to create a TECH TREE:
General knowledge (game term) linked in a simple way to previous knowledge:
This cards have 3 Knowledge in a chain and must be "studied" in order. They grant access to constructions and new knowledge

Recollection --> Herbs --> Medicine
Breed --> Domestication --> Combat training
Organs --> Metabolism --> Vital points
Mining- -> Tools--> Technics

Some "race" knowledge that need linked knowledge to have access:
This can be studied once you fulfill the prerequisites.
This is a single knowledge card that grant a continual benefit to the game and may grant access to new knowledge and/or crafting.

Venom (Elf/Saurian Knowledge)
Prerequisites: Herbs and Metabolism
Each of your stand units have +2 Strength
Each of your down units have +1 Strength

Metal Forging (dwarf knowledge)
Prerequisites: Tools and Alloys
Your metal objects have +1 Strength/Culture/Economy

Last are secret knowledge that the Demons/Undeads have and can only be studied in special circumstances and meeting the prerequisites.
This have access to new buildings, units, objects and have a special impact in the game:

Prerequisites: Necromancer Tower
Spend 2 Spirit stones (3 if not a player race) in addition to any cost to play a unit: The unit has the "undead" trait.

This are only ideas but need 8 or 10 General, and 3 to 5 race knowledge to start a "brainstorm".

Thanks for read and good gaming

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