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Feedback Required: Dungeon Run

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Hi all, after time away to focus on college and other activities, I've found myself back with game design. I'm currently working on a small, fast-paced game that's designed for quick play to kill 20 minutes or so. Wondering what you guys think.

At the moment it's for 4 players only, but I intend to incorporate a way to do 2-4 so it's not limited to 4 specifically.

At the start of the game, everyone draws one Hero card and that is their character for the game. There's three stats in the game: Intellect, Strength and Agility. So each character has values for those three stats.

The game is played in rounds, each with four phases:

1) There are item cards, which give a boost to stats. And every round, one item is drawn. The group decide which of the four heroes gets the item.

2) Next, an enemy is drawn. Each enemy has one stat (Intellect, Strength, Agility) with a number that the heroes must match or better. Each enemy also has a limit on how many heroes will be allowed to face it (i.e. an enemy with limit 2 means that between the four heroes, two of them must add up to equal or better that stat). If they win, the heroes get an item, distributed to one of the heroes who battled. Again, the team choose who.

3) A trial card is drawn. These have various effects, but basically one (or more) hero gets removed for the duration of the round. They cannot compete in the fourth phase, unless specified otherwise. The trial card in turn gives a bonus to the remaining heroes for the fourth phase.

4) This phase is referred to as 'the turn' - a card is drawn and it dictates which hero will turn. The turned hero then must fight against the rest of the remaining heroes, comparing one stat of his/her choice against the accumulation of the team. (i.e. Hero 2 is turned and picks his Intellect 6 against Hero 1's Intellect 2 and Hero 3's intellect 3. Hero 2 wins.)
If the turned hero wins, he chooses one of the battling heroes and they die. That hero is removed from the game and that player gets a Soul Card. These can be used at any point in the game, giving a bonus (or negative) to any hero, enemy or turned hero, at any stage. They can only use that card once.
If the battling heroes win, the turned hero is removed and that player gets the Soul Card.

Any hero(es) removed by the trial rejoin the game and it starts from phase one again.

So there's three rounds in the game, resulting in one victor at the end.

It's not aiming to be too complex, but a bit in there to let people argue it out over items etc., so there's still some tactics and strategy involved. But ultimately it's a quickfire, random game designed for a bit of fun.

What do you guys think? Any advice/tips/opinions you have would be great! Thanks.

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Like the idea

I like the idea of this game a lot. There are times when a fast, fun game is needed (one of the reasons why I love Yomi). I'm not sure how well the turned hero phase will work, though. All that would be is the hero chooses the one thing they are good at, which might lack strategy. You will just have to playtest it some I guess.

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