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FEILD OF FIGHTERS? (updated 925/15)

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So recently i have been developing a system for a game that i called field of fighters. basically characters are built MOBA (Dota 2, League of Legends) Style where they have abilities and those abilities cool down.

The games starts with 4 players drafting 4 characters. haven't really figured out how I want that to happen yet. Anyways once you pick your three characters they start at separate sections of the board and they all have an initiative number for turns to move. if two character are tied then the character with more speed goes first.

So Characters start in corner and fight over an orb in the center, called the orb of scoring, and this ball is scored when a player returns to their base (in their corner) first person to three point wins.

Characters have abilities that range from level 0 to level 8. level 0 are abilities i like to call traits because they are just always active. level 8 are super powerful abilities. characters have three abilities. each with different levels. the higher an abilities level the higher the longer it takes to cool down. so a level 4 ability takes 4 initiative turns to cool down and be used again. you can use any counter to keep track.

when a character hp runs out they KO. this character can re spawn in one initiative round. once everyone has moved the re spawn at their base.

now characters them self I haven't made all them and I don't have base stats. i wanted the game to be simple as i could possible make it. there is little RNG or luck in this game, depending on which characters are in the game.

Good idea? would you play it?should i make more RNG in the game?

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Cool Idea

It seems like a cool idea - naturally it's hard to say whether I'd play it only because questions about the types of characters, whether the map is open like a soccer field or filled with terrain for tactical advantages, etc. are things I'd be thinking about, the game sounds like it could be a lot of fun - almost like a sports game, but played like a strategy battle game. Could be interesting.

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Cooldown. While it makes games more interesting. The handling makes it boring after a while. Meaning that for each action, you are keeping track when you may apply it again.

With just 3-4 characters and 3-4 cooldown (presumably on a tracking card). This is do-able.

But perhaps it is better to think of a way where you don't need the cooldown. Or at least, not with dice.
How about chips and numbers. The chip simply moves 1 spot.

My 1 cent.

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sports game with war

sports game with war tactics
that was my exact idea i was working with a flat field for now,but eventually i want to add more things for terrain and obstacle. i want to anyway.

On the note of Characters i am building off of these three bases:
Support: healers team boosters weak attack
Warrior: weak attack, more health, slower movement
Assassin: stronger attacks, less health, faster movement

and then whether they have ranged attacks or melee attacks.

they i make abilities that i think will work for the archtype. will definitely keep this page updated

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hey thank you

i looked over the design and as much as i like it. you are right i will think about switching it to chips. or reall just any type of counter. thank you.

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Some Ideas

Sounds interesting. I agree with the other posters that you want to eliminate as much book keeping as possible.

An idea is that instead of having a cool down period -- let's say 4 turns, and you know a typical game lasts 20 turns or something, then you can give the player 4 of those cards for an average of a card per four turns. Otherwise, you can have a game track of turns which after X amount of turns cross into a quarter of the game, and can claim cards back of something.

Alternatively, you can have a cool down track where you place the card in the appropriate cool down slot (place 4 for 4 turns and so on). Every turn you move the cards down. When it reaches the end it is in your hand.

My suggestion is to come up with a quick prototype as soon as you can so you can get the basics down like the field size, what shape (squares or hexes). If I were going to do it, I would have different players with different numbered cards and a card where you can roll a die for the attack value.


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A Few Quick Problems I See

With no randomization mechanics, the game will get stale very quickly. Pretty interesting the first few games, but there will always be the same optimum route for players to use each character during a given turn or phase of the game. For example, when playing Character X, your early game will always look basically the same if you play well, because there are a few static "best options" available to you. Unless there's some crazy mixup with the higher level abilities, Character X's late game will also almost always look identical. Again, I'm speaking about players who enjoy your game and are playing it more than once or twice.

Also, I assume your board is relatively small, so there's not a whole lot of movement to be done (otherwise if the board is big, there will be many boring turns where you take a step, pass, take a step, pass). So since you play to three (sounds reasonable) on a small board, the game isn't going to take a whole bunch of turns. Certainly under 50 rounds by my (possibly incorrect) mental model. There is no need to have a skill with cool down of 8 turns. Six, you will find, can cover every mechanic you would want to see played. So just use a die instead of chips. Way easier to grok.

Finally, a suggestion, to take or leave. You may find that only having one resource in the game (time) is too little to create strategic depth. By creating a secondary cost for skills (which i hope a portion of are combat oriented) based on availability of other resources, you can add more depth to the game (search for resources, engage in combat, or progress towards center), more easily balance mechanics, and create a little board complexity that it sounds like the current iteration lacks.

Players have multiple characters on board at a time, right?

If anything needs clarifying, just let me know. Very cool concept and idea, just needs some tuning.

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