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The Final Descent : A Fully Modded Descent Campaign

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The Final Descent

The Idea
Just recently got into -> Descent: Journey in the Dark (2nd) and my gaming group decided we would like to make our own board game. After playing Descent we thought it would be great to create a custom campaign along with new custom aspects. So together the project began.

The game will consist of just about custom everything for a fully modified descent campaign existing in the Final Fantasy universe. At first some may say cliche, but the game will not feature heroes from across the universe but just races, classes, and monsters. We thought this would be helpful to create content and while taking certain mechanics from the board game itself.

After we finish most of the mechanics/quests, we will release an alpha quests or two at a time to be playtested, as long as releasing races and classes as we finish and fine tune them. We will be leaning highly on the community of here and boardgamegeek to help the project.

Once finished it will be released for free in a giant pack a long with all of the content so you can print out and play for yourselves.

The Work List ╬▒lpha Not in Order

  • Races (Heroes)
  • Classes
  • Locations/Map
  • Story/Quests
  • Items
  • Mechanics/Conditions

Help we need!

  • Artists
  • Story/Lore Writers
  • Playtesters

BoardGameGeek Link (Coming Soon)

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