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FLIP FLOP (simple game)

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Game name is pending.

2 players

This is an ¿easy? to learn game. And you can use simple paper and a pen for preparation.

What you need to have is 2 sets of only 5 cards each.
One side, blank of course.
The other side, we have the numbers 1, 1, 3, 5 and 7


- Each player shuffles his set of cards and places them faced down on the table. Not knowing where each number is.
- By flipping a coin you know who may start.

- The player that starts, flips a card.
- The other player now flips a card.
- The highest card wins and that player may now choose a card to turn back faced down. The card that is faced down is the number of points added to his/her score.
- The player that just had won may now flip another card. And yes, the same card is allowed.
- The player that lost may flip his/her second card.
- The highest points visible win.
- However, the winner may only flip 1 card back faced down and only add those points to the score.

The game ends when one player has all cards faced up. The final score (probably 7) may be added one final time.
The highest score wins.

A bit of a chaotic set of rules. But this is a 10 minute doodle.
Expanding the game is easy, as long as it is 9, 11, 13 added etc.

What do you guys think?



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Ahh. So it's highest total

Ahh. So it's highest total points showing who wins, giving the previous loser a leg up. I can see some strategy in this. If I win with 7 + 1, I probably want to turn over the 1, take only a single point, and hope to get the 3 or the 5 to improve my chance of continued wins. If I win the first turn 3 to 1, I probably want to take no points so I can keep my 3 out there and add to it.

So yeah, it has some difficult decisions, enough luck that it isn't a foregone conclusion, and it sounds fun. Also, there are always two cards turned up each turn (collectively) and a maximum of one turned down, so the game will always terminate.

What happens on ties? How about this? Both players may score a card, if they like, but then must shuffle their face-down cards and lay them out again.

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The tie

The tie.

The major part that was missing in the rules that I have described.
It happens really a lot in the beginning. But also the end score is often very close to it.

The only rule to add is that the player that flips the card first in a turn, also has the win in case of a tie.
This even counts for the end round.

But, I am still not sure about that rule.


As a variation to the game. The one who has all cards faced up in the end. Wins (or another variation, looses )


Thanks for reacting.

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