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Fun poker variant?

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Standard deck of cards. Four player game example:

Deal one card to each player face up in front of them so everyone can see. Next, deal two cards to each player. Each player looks at both and chooses one to place face down and one face up. Repeat two more times until each player have four face up cards and three face down in front of them.

First player then has choice of keeping their hand of cards or taking someone else's. Once chosen, it can't be taken by the next player. The next player can choose to take from the remaining two players or keep their own. Repeat two more times and reveal hands to see who has best poker hand.

Winner gets 4 points, 3 points for 2nd, etc.

Play four rounds.

The primary choice is what to keep hidden and what to reveal.

Two more ideas that may add something:

1. Have a 5th dummy hand so the last player has a choice to keep theirs or take another.

2. Add a few more cards to spice things up like positive VP cards, negative VP cards, and/or two wild cards.

Sounds fun and worth playtesting?

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