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Future space ships

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Well, I was thinking long ago in make a game that it plays with an army of space ships (a sci-fi game) with a points for each ships, this is for make equal armies, all of this is similar to Warhammer, and also the game is played with dices.
One of the resources of the game is that you dont need any miniatures for play, you can make them with paper or other things you have so it is a cheap game.
What do you think?

By the way, I´m new, hi!!XD, I´m Spanish so my English is not perfect :p

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First of all, welcome! About

First of all, welcome!

About your idea:

When I read about your idea, I had to think about Wormhole. This is also a sci-fi battleship game with the battleship models made of paper. (Print out the sheets, cut and glue them together. Their website has tutorials on how to assemble ships and tips-'n'-tricks in general for the cut-and-glue-papermodel-maker)

This idea is certainly a viable idea, but as it stands now, it's just an idea. Your next step is thinking about rules. Movement and combat should be your main focus in the beginning. Maybe technology or ship-upgrades too, but I wouldn't worry about that too much for starters.

Something that might be interesting too is the 3D nature of space. If you're interested in that, you might take a look at the Wings of War Miniatures game. It has a nice feature in that the plane-miniatures can alter their height by putting extra height-pieces on the base. (Look at the pictures on BGG, you'll see what I mean)

Best of luck and have lots of fun.

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Also, I have now some

Also, I have now some rules.
I am going to see some of the sites you have give me, thanks ^.^

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