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A Game of Dice and Magic

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I've gotten this idea, its on its very early stages and would like some feedback finding a direction in which to take it because it could go a few ways. Basically the two core concepts i am sticking with and feel that are essential to the game i wanna make are:

1. its a dice game. i want the game to use dice as a core mechanic, or at least as one of the core mechanics.

2. there is a magic hexagon. this would be the gameboard. 6 divisions for 6 different magic types. now i have two diferent sets that could go in the hexagon; one is magic scools (necromancy, elemental, ilusion,protection etc) and another would be just magic types (like, fire magic, ice magic, nature magic, deth magic, wind magic).

now these are a few ideas of how i thought the game could play:

it could work like a betting game where players bet on different magictypes and then based on a card that is drawn every turn they see which magictype is chosen (since they bet dice, then they would roll these dice and the results would signify a bigger reward somehow) (this really is the simplest but least interesting idea IMO)

it could be a game where the players battle each other, using limited resources each turn to cast spells depending on what magic school they invested in. each player would have a hand of cards (all drawn from a common spelldeck in a random way) and there could even be a board that tracks which magical types are stronger (which varies every turn) giving bonuses like +1 to every roll on a magic type or -1. then every spell needs an amount of points of a certain mana to be cast, so the player would spend their dice that turn on the type of "mana" they need and then roll them. (in this case, dice would not be spent, as much as sent out and returned, and every player could have 5 dice to spend every round). Then, somehow find a way to make an allstar deathmatch between the players, shoting spells and killing each other.

another idea would be that instead of being an all out against each other, it would be a competition for points. every round there would be a challenge drawn from a deck. a perill that threatens the world and the mage that defeats the perill and saves the day gets an amount of points relative to its dificulty. other players could intervene and prevent him from winning so that they can win and the player that defeats the most perrils and achieves greatest fame (a set amoun of points) would win the game.

bottom line is, i want to make a game that has dice and this magical hexagon as a game board but i dont know what direction to take it in. im a newcomer/casual to gamedesign with very little experience and only want to make a fun game to play with my friends.

i would love any suggestion, not necesarilly limited to the ideas ive mentioned, on how i could go on developing this game.

Thanks a lot for any feedback!

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Difference: School / Type?

Frankly, I don't understand the difference between a magic school and the type.
Aside from that:
You could make it some kind of "spell building" game.
Each of the 6 schools contributes a certain effect. The power of the effect is decided by the result of a die.
Each player gets to roll a certain number of dice and then needs to allocate them on the schools.
Depending on the allocation and thus, effect, results are coming in.

6 schools:

Each Player gets to roll 6 dice and may allocate them in any way to those schools.
Fire: Target an opposing player's die with lower result. Opposing player may not use that die during this turn.
Ice: Target an opposing player's die with lower result. Opposing player must leave that die in that location on his next turn and may not roll it or allocate it elsewhere.
Death: Remove your die allocated here permanently from the game, target opponent removes a number of his dice equal to the die's result for the next turn.
Life: Allocate a die here to recover a previously removed die OR prevent the effect of 1 die with a lower result targeting you.
Matter: Gain this number of VP
Entropy: Target Opponent loses this number of VP

The player reaching 20VP (or so) first, wins ..

Just some thoughts :)

Kind regards,

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Brainstorm ideas

Hi DrPompo,

Here some thoughts I had about your particular order here;

What is the purpose of the hex board? Does it simply provide a means to track and display information or are there things on the board that are integral to the play?

Are the dice solid color or multi color? In your original idea, dice combinations like black/red green/black might open up a little more strategy by allowing a die to be placed on either of the matching colors

Does each player play a single type of magic or can all players access all types of magic? It might be easier to balance the game if all players can access all types.

The idea of a challenge or peril that players need to overcome might work a bit better than a shoot out style of game. I think in a shoot out, one color of magic would probably become dominant very quickly unless the game balance is very tight. Regarding your challenge idea, if a single challenge can be overcome with multiple colors of magic, then players will need to decide if they want to focus on a few colors and risk not being able to beat a challenge vs. a broad mastery of magic, but they will struggle with challenges that really need focus magic from one color.

Also consider how you see the dice being used; Do they drive the excitement of the game when the rolls determine who wins or loses a round or do they set the stage and the excitement comes when players reveal what they are able to do with the spells they can cast?

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very interesting ideas!

Thanks for your feedback.

To Kai,

well, the difference between the schools or types was merely what they would be able to do. it was just a name difference but really not that much of an impacct. (like, i interpreted schools as, conjuration, abjuration, necromancy, elemental, ilusion... which is very different to "fire, ice, death" in terms of what arsenals they have)

i really like your idea. i have very little experience with dice games and i am very temped to let my cardgame experiencie influence this by creating spellcards, so i was very happy when i saw your approach, which made for a very simple game (rule-wise) that made the dice shine.

at first i felt like it would be very hard to balance the game, where basically you could put everything into matter just to win. but then i realized that if you play it in a party of +-4, really others are gonna stunt your victory with the use of entropy or fire etc.

i think this could really make for a very entertaining casual dice-rolling game. Thank you so much!

Now after reading this i also thought, in the case of making it a game about challenges or perils, i could use the same mechanic, but having every color do something different either to the challenge or to the dice, and then each challenge card has different vulnerabilities and different resistances (revealed fter the alocation) to add a certain random element of who gets the upper hand.

To OrangeBeard,

all players have access to all types of magic, most definitely. The most i ever considered at some point is locking down to one school each round but being able to change it later.. but i threw that away.

originally, the dice wouldnt have color, or if they did, it would be to distinguish between different player's dice when placed on the hexboard. the color and efects would be determined by the side of the hexboard the dice where placed. HOWEVER, i have considered the idea of special dice instead of plain d6s that have different effects based on the sides... no particular mechanic has occured to me this way but i think it sounds like a viable route to go which would provide an interesting twist, with nice unique dices that affect the game in differrent ways.

Yeah, as far as teh peril things go, thats what i thought made it fun too! the fact that sometimes they would need a bigger focus and others a broad spectrum of abilities and the tradeoff and risks players would have to take each round

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Thanks ....

Me again,

Thanks for your inspiration :)

Together with another fellow at the 'geek I developed the idea further.

Here is the result up to now:

Let's see yours :)

Kind regards,

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