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I think they should make a game like the movie The Day After Tomorrow or similar to that cause nobody has ever made a end of the world game or anything like The Day After Tomorrow .
And I would pay to buy that game and I'm shore more people would to because a game like The Day After Tomorrow would be fun with the tidal waves, the sea rising and like having to run from a tidal wave like in the movie.And it would be better if they made it sort of GTA 4 gameplay (Grand Theft Auto 4) and 2 player would make it more fun because I think game creators should of came up with a game like a mix of GTA 4 gameplay, The Day After Tomorrow gamestyle like the tidal waves and tornados and Cloverfield the movie like how the buildings get destroyed heaps of people running, bridges braking while your on it and you like have to run and also be able to go into stores and buildings and like look to see if anyone is trapped in there and have a choice to save them or not and like pick up health by like eating food or drinking and the should make this game more free roam like choose your way or make your own path like GTA 4 you have the entire NY City. And don't forget 2 player to make the game more fun go be able to play with a friend because I know it would be much much fun to play with a friend. Thankyou

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ooooh the spam...


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...but for what?

Do you figure it's for ruoF otuA tfehT dnarG (backwards so as to not "help" the O.P.)?

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Actually, I'm guessing it's

Actually, I'm guessing it's legit ... but an idea for a computer game instead of a board game.

I do seem to remember some natural disaster board games around ... but they might just have been ideas that were shared here at BGDF.


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Yeah I agree - some kid thinks that he's invented the best new video game idea...not sure it's going to go very far as the 'designer' can't seem to locate a proper outlet for his 'genius' :)

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I stopped reading after...

...."And I would pay to buy that game...."

Tell me if I'm right...the rest of the post is a giant run on sentence with everything the game should contain, correct? Basically just a "make this game for me" thread.


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I cast my vote for "troll."

I cast my vote for "troll."

If it's a legitimate effort at communicating an idea, then it would have to be coming from the mind of a 10-year-old... but the spelling and grammar (run-ons notwithstanding) are way too correct and some of the word choices way too sophisticated for a 10-year-old in the heat of inspiration.

An adult taking dictation from his 10-year-old? I'm not buying it.

The whole thing smacks of "I'm thinking of the dumbest thing I could possibly write here to see how people react."

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I'm guessing he (or she) is in upper middle at a Queensland State High School in Australia. The grammar, spelling and punctuation give it away.

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