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Game Idea needed for a Platform King Kong style game

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Joined: 11/10/2010

Good day!

I am planning to design a simple, old school but enjoyable platform game
Here are several scene i am planning to put into my game
Every scene(stage) will have optimal boss, King Kong

Can you guys suggest me what other elements can i put into my game for each scene? I am actually looking for more "weapon", "enemy" which can put compose into my story

Scene as in below
- Element: King Kong, Tank, Hook, ladder

- Element: scorpion, cage+keys, tarzan

My Study Room
- Element: Pencil box, Black Board

Dracula Castle
- Element: Bat, Dracula, ghost

Hyper Market
- Element: Cash machine, trolley, whatelse??

KLCC (a twin tower), jz google and u will know the building
- Element: Police, window climbing, helicopter, plane

eiffel tower
- Element: how can i make it so different from KLCC

Thanks for your suggestion

Joined: 09/02/2008
All this for a board game?

I assume you're talking Computer game here? Something like this on a board game would just be too much. Any one of the scenarios could definitely make for an interesting board game though.

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