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A Game on a Practical and useful "Board"

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Joined: 05/29/2009

When I was a child I used to play Board games like crazy... I was obsessed, But then I saw something off the internet and hey I COULD USE THIS!!!

Check my video first:

I have another version of this thing. Actually I copied the idea from another place the problem is that I could get sued for that.
So I've had my own original version. (For some reason I'm not going to tell how it looks like because it's lame, I'm keeping it at my house ;)

I was wondering If I could make a game about T-shirts, specifically
A strategic and tactical game or something. The game could be played over the board. It's dual purpose.

I need advice. any input whatsoever...

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Folding, Space and Reversibility

One thing that comes to mind is that a folding board can be used as a mechanism for 'warp' travel in a space based scifi game. Since worm holes and warp drives connect two points in space-time, a mechanism that 'folds' the map would essentially simulate warp drives. But, you would need to have a mechanism to 'unfold' the space that does not involve strictly reversing the original fold. Otherwise, you'll end up not having traveled at all.

If there is indeed a way to 'unfold' the shirt/map from its folded space in a forward (non-reversible) direction, then I think that this mechanism might be really cool. Especially if you could rotate the space around you before you make the fold so that you end up in different locations depending upon how you orient it when hit the 'jump drive'. That way, you could simulate the very complicated aspects of warp navigation with quick deterministic mechanism. It would certainly open up a number of new possibilities in a space based war, trade or exploration game.

If the map is a finite version of the galaxy, then some rotations may even end with you off the edge shirt/map if you are not careful (in which case you are lost in intergalatic space or something... aka. not good).

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Joined: 05/29/2009

Hey I never thought of that! I need to put that to good use!
You have no idea how my mind is thinking right now. I'm being filled with ideas... Argh!!! I need to put that on a note. Thanks.

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