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Gather and build Turn-based strategy game

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Hey guys, so I created this gather-build Turn-based strategy game. I don't know what to call it since it doesn't have a board and is not a computer game :P.

Material needed:
1. a base. One per player.
2. a Unit Info table with little sticky square of a color (each player different color). One per player
3. 6 units per player ( each unit has a number from 1-6). Players make units then they decide which one of them all to use.
4. Resources for the game: paper, cardboard, rubber band, etc. (players decide on what materials to use for resources)

It starts like this:

1. Players choose a place where to play and what type of units to use and each player must have their set of armor
2. Players place resources
3. All players go to the center of the place where they all gonna play.
4. One player rolls two dices; one that is normal, the other one shows directions (N,S,W,E)
5. That player moves to the direction that the dice showed, he moves by using his foot as measure (if there is a big obstacle or end of map then stop there). For example, if the dice showed number 4 and the other dice showed N then the player moves 4 feet North. The player must stay where he stopped and repeat the dice rolling one more time starting from where he stopped. That would be his starting point, and he must put his base on starting point

What you do on a turn:
- must control all units (you can choose whether a unit can stay and do nothing or do something but you must decide for every unit)
- move little sticky square to the section of the unit in Info table to show that the unit has been controlled. (move the square out on next turn and so on)
- you have 5 minutes of building time in a turn
- turns finishes when u control all units

- their turn is over when a unit moves and does an action. A player can choose whether to move a unit or to do an action with the unit. If unit does action first than movement then it can't move
- action can be done to things that are not farther than one step from the unit and they are:
-picking up things
a. must be on the unit or item that is on the unit
b. can pick up and carry anything except for other units and other players' buildings
-unsticking/sticking things
a. things on unit or on things
b. unsticking things that are sticking other things (like tape)
-shooting/activating weapons
-lunching/activating vehicles
-dropping things
a. can be dropped to another item/unit and anywhere else
- a unit can move one/two steps only. The length of a step is the height of a unit so if a unit is 8cm tall then its step would be 8cm.

What you can build:
- launchers
a. can only be use to launch vehicles
- armor
a. has to be 95% the same as the one decided before the game started
- buildings
a. can have anything inside
b. anything can stick to it
c. needs to stick to the ground
- Vehicles
a. can be move by launcher or by motor in vehicle
b. Air
~ needs to be able to float/lift from the ground
~ can carry anything
~ if hits units it doesn't do anything to them
c. Ground
~ needs to be able to move with wheels
~ can carry anything
~ if hits units it doesn't do anything to them
- weapons
a. cannons
~ can stick anywhere except to units
~ can use as bullets anything except units
b. hand weapons
~ can stick anywhere
~ when stuck to units it shouldn't be touching the ground
~ can only shoot little paper bullets ( the ones you use with rubber band to shoot people)
- items
a. can carry things
b. can stick to anything

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