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The Generic Card Game

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In the early 90's I worked for a major hobby shop chain here in Michigan. At that time was the big rush of the "collectable" card games hitting the market. One thing we noticed as people purchased the expansions and worked towards making their "killer" deck there were lots of cards left by the wayside. So we came up with the "Generic Card Game". Card strength was awarded by numbers and colors on the card. Each card was given 1 point of strength for each color and then you added the numbers to it. At that time we had written some basic rules and put them in a plain white box.
I cannot find the original but I thought as a hoot we could come up with some "Fizbin"type rules for this game that could use ANY cards in it. Let the creative juices flow.

Joined: 08/23/2013
colors as values

I rememmbered what we used to do with converting colors to values. W actually used a concept based on resistor codes, BBROYGBVGW (Black, Brown Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Violet Grey White)
Black = null
Brown =1
Red = 2
Orange = 3
Yellow = 4
Green = 5
Blue = 6
Violet = 7
Grey = 8
White = 9
In the first version we just added those numerical values with the total of the numbers on the card to get the card value.
In the 2nd version these were our multiplier codes. You added all the colors numerical value and multiplied it by the total of all numbers shown on the card.
Of course this makes it hard for those who are color blind to play.

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