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Glokess - an abstract game that plays like Blokus, Go and Chess

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Joined: 08/12/2009

Glokess is an abstract game. Players place pieces on the board, then moves or rotate them in order to capture the opposing pieces. The inspiration for the game comes from Blokus, Go, and Chess.

Each player gets the all the pieces of the same colour. The pieces are coloured on both sides.

Game Play
Each player alternates in taking turns. During the player’s turn, the player can
(1) place a piece on the board
(2) move a piece already on the board
(3) rotate a piece already on the board.

The player can flip the piece before placement. The piece rotates with its black square as its axis, and can be rotated any number of right angles.

Each piece moves according to its structure. Taking its black square as the center, the piece moves to any of the coloured square.

The rules and graphics can be obtained here.

Hope to get any comments or suggestions here!

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Interesting game. The

Interesting game. The movement was a bit confusing at first. One intersting thing about your game is that moving your piece next to your openents not only helps you capture their pice, but may help them capture you.

Does the board get crouded after a few turns, because a piece is added every turn?

Joined: 08/12/2009
The board does not really get

The board does not really get crowded, as it is rather easy to capture pieces. The game does not play that well as I expect, to be honest. I still hope to tweak the game to be more playable. Any ideas to improve this game is welcomed. Thanks for taking the time to read the rules!

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