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A good rpg game

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PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my game idea is inspired by half grand theft auto and half fifa
its a game were you start at the age of 16 you live with parents and you can get part time jobs while playing for amateur football teams, scouts watch you and you can go professional you get money to buy clothes, cars, training clothes, football boots, houses, phones etc you can make friends and you travel to training in your car or a taxi you play games at weekends(fifa style games/leagues)
The free roaming would be like grand theft auto but no guns ,you could beat someone up but you would go to jail. You would have a calendar of each week and times to be places if you don't make it to places in time your manager respect would go down you would get sold and it would be game over if you got sold by a bottom team.
It would be best for ps3 and xbox360
This idea is like a story of a footballer it would be a complex game to make but would be an amazing game and would be the only game I would play, you wouldn't have to make this exact game but take ideas please i would so excited if there was a game like this please!!!
Thank you for taking time to read this.

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