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Guild card game

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Joined: 07/16/2014

I have an idea of creating a guild card game that players compete each other to become the top guild. I haven't decided the victory condition yet, either victory points or secret objective. Players have the choice to complete their goal by mission, trade, craft, etc. Players have a handful of action cards to determine their action. Each action players can assign up to 3 characters for the task. Characters are not available for further action until they are "Rest" (one of the action card). Each character have race and class (standard like Human, Elf, etc. and Fighter, Mage, etc.). Each race and class has passive ability and active ability that players can use. Also there will be items for player to acquire to boost their power.

This is the basic concept of the game, of course there are more. My question is anyone know any games in the market that are similar to this? I want to review some of those and make sure that I didn't "copy" their ideas.

Thanks! Also any suggestion and comment are welcome

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