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Hi all.

I'm in the very early stages of getting stuff together for a Heist-themed CCG. It's set, for now, as a contemporary game the better to include laser grid traps, computer hacking, etc. as a way to get the goods. The rules are coming together nicely (still ironing some kinks out of the v 1.0 rules), but I find that as I sit down to brainstorm names for some of the characters I'm really coming up dry.

Here are the basic card types and a quick description of their use in play. Those led-in with a ** are the ones I need help with:
** MASTERMIND: Your starting character, akin to a WOW Hero. The MM sets your specific rules, namely how big a crew of Specialists you have, how many Countermeasures you can play, how much Loot you take, and any special victory conditions. The name "mastermind" is also open to discussion.

** SPECIALISTS: using basic keywords/icons, these are Tech, Weapon, Get-Away, Stealth, Alarms, and...whatever. Specialists allow your mastermind and crew to use better and better Tools/Countermeasures and are the ones doing the dirty work during the heist itself. Both card names and possible keywords are open to discussion.

TOOLS: from lockpicks and acetylene torches to big drills and dynamite, these are what your Specialists use to pull off the Heist itself. I think I'm OK to get at least a few gadgets here, but feel free to chip in suggestions.

COUNTERMEASURES: these protect your deck ("the Bank") from other crews out to steal your stuff. They, like tools, require a match of keyword/icons to be played. I'm thinking there's GOT to be a better name for them, something less cumbersome, like how cyberpunks have "ice" for security programs. "Booby trap" comes to mind, but that sounds seriously lame.

PLOTS: Every run will be different, and Plot cards are the twists that make each daring raid different! Also think I'm doing OK with Plot ideas, but again, all feedback's welcome.

The base set is marked for about 300 cards, with PLOTS and SPECIALISTS getting more specific cards than the other groups.


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Another name for countermeasures

How about deterrents?

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Yeah, that's got a nice ring

Yeah, that's got a nice ring to it. Also, it doesn't fight being able to use first initial for shorthand in writing cards/prototyping.

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Sounds pretty cool, and could

Sounds pretty cool, and could probably work well as a co-op... maybe that's what you have intended?

One of my favorite shows of recent years is the BBC's Hustle (, about a group of con artists that work together to pull various scams. Their team consisted of certain types that might work under the heading of "specialists": The Inside Man, The Lure, The Fixer, The Roper, etc. I'm not sure that a con artist team would translate the same to a heist team, although of course the Hustle team pulled many heists. Anyway, it sounds like a fun project. I'm interested to learn more about it.

Btw, I like "mastermind" for the main character.

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I think trying to get people to co-op in the vein of WOW Raid Decks would be fun and a possible marketing tool. So cheers for picking that up :-D

Your description of the specialist(s) cards is spot-on; as it is now, like I said, it's linked to keywords/icons. I'm trying, against my better damned judgement, to be sensitive to all gamers in naming stuff here; "specialist" vs. "inside man" or "wheelman." Lame, right? Anyway, as a fer-instance, Get-Away (as an icon) would allow the play of Tools/Plot cards like Car Jack, Flightplan, Schmear Jet, etc.

While I want to make it realistic, I'm also open to some more fantastical kinds of thinking (e.g. jet packs), but I'd like to kind of limit that kind of thing. If you're familiar with the Buffy the Vampire Slayer mythology, think more like Warren and the Geeks from season 6-- they're finding ways to make sci-fi tech real.

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Another resource

There's a great little movie put out by Lions' Gate called "Confidence" about a team of con artists who make a living duping other people. The opening of the film does a great job of introducing some of the lingo Grudunza mentioned, and does a pretty good job of showing you how they all work together in action. I agree that the con artists might not translate directly to something more plain like robbery or the like, but the concepts might help to spark some ideas.

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For Countermeasure: security, challenge, setback (doesn't really fit, if they're planning the job they must know what they're up against? lol), obstacle

Your terminology you said was "lame" all depends on your game flavor. If you spin it like a 70s/80s movie with groovy card graphics, wheelman would fit right in ;)

jason (not verified)
Sounds pretty cool, and could

Sounds pretty cool, and could probably work well as a co-op... maybe that's what you have intended? colocation backup

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I think this is a great

I think this is a great untapped theme. I think a great resource is the CCG "Netrunner" - it's asymmetrical, one play defending while the other attacks. Lots of bluffing, fantastic replayabaility, even with limited cards. I think the main reason it didn't take off was the cyberpunk theme. Also a good reference is the multiplayer modes for Splinter Cell the video game. All heist type modes - with strong, slow defense vs fast, stealthy offense. Let me know if you have questions about the details of either game.

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tfowers wrote:I think this is

tfowers wrote:
I think this is a great untapped theme.

CCG's - Good Pun

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Just call the countermeasures . . .

. . . Trap Cards!


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Do you have have any TCG or

Do you have have any TCG or CCG cards they want to get rid of like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, or others? I am looking for all types of collectable card games (CCG) and trading card games (TCG) cards. The popular and the not so popular games. if you are thinking of throwing them away wait, contact me first!

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Master mind

If you made named the master mind "The Boss" you could follow an antihero theme. The boss is always the hardest bad guy, except in this game he's you.

Even giving your player things like
A Hideout - Better and better ones...
Thugs - Npc's that can take a fall, get arrested or spring a trap in your place.

for a specialist you could include
Right hand Man - your number one, go to guy
Look Out

Just a few Ideas

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