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Help needed, please!

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Hi there, new member here.
I have been set the task of creating a board game that is themed around, and educates teenagers (12 - 18) about life, the work force and self esteem. So far, the only idea I've got is basing it around 'The Game of Life", except a teenage version. Any ideas? Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated.

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Just thinking......

...that maybe having multiple goals but not all can be achieved might be good. Or decisions to make on the way (do I buy a car or save for college? Do I buy a house or rent?). In life, you can't do/accomplish everything.

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take your goals- your

take your goals- your "possible outcomes" and work backwards. do you want them to possibly end up homeless, in an apartment, in a house, in a mansion? choose the "end values" and then figure out how you want those end values to be possible.

since it's about real life, you probably want the paths to those ends to be based on choices, so i'm not sure i'd go with roll-and-move games like "the game of life".

lets say the 4 housing end points i listed above were goals.
then, give them two resources, "time" and "money", represented with tokens or pieces of paper.
every turn they get... say 30 days ("time") points to spend, plus whatever their current "job" card earns them in money. then they can take as many actions as they like, until they run out of time points. then it's the next players turn.

give them lots of job choices represented on cards, and each job has requirements - which can be time and money, but can also be other things, like education, transportation, etc. represent the other things with further cards with just basic time and money costs.

good jobs require a couple of education cards and a transportation card- bad jobs just require time. but bad jobs still generate money every turn. medium jobs could pay more based on how much education you spend to get the job. etc.

you could go further, and have things like "fun" or "helping the community" that are purchasable, to show that if you've got a good job, you'll have more time and money to spend on those things.

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