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Help please, Motor racing board game

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Hi all,
I am new here so would appreciate any help or advice,
I have developed a board game that is baced on motor racing in a simlar way to F1 or Motogp. More detail will be added but this is just to get me started.

I am hoping to get the idea looked at, published and hopefully make a few pennies off it (as i expect we all are).

Problem is I dont think and board gam publishers really look at any ideas rom mr joe public.

Anyone got any advice? what to do next? where to go? or who to email?

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Peer Review

You may only get one shot with a publisher. If they find what they perceive as a flaw the first time they test the game it could end your relationship abruptly.

Before considering showing it to a publisher I suggest you show it to someone here that can critique it for you. Hopefully someone that has a little experience and is willing to brutally honest if need be.

This way you can be certain that it is worthy of publication. Show it to as many people as you can get. The more input the better. If they say something is wrong take it seriously, but not personally and look into fixing it.

Try the Game Design Workshop in the forums section.

P.S. Since others will be doing you favors by reviewing your work try to do the same for others now and then.

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Don't Be Premature

digger wrote:
I have developed a board game...

I am hoping to get the idea looked at...

To elaborate on that point: publishers aren't generally interested in an idea -- they are interested in complete, well-tested games. Your two statements above are contradictory (although it might just be your choice of words). As Dralius said, make sure your game is solid before you send it to a publisher for review.

There are plenty of publishers who will review Joe Public's games; see elsewhere on this site for a list of some of them (can't recall the location off the top of my head).

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I'd be happy to look at the

I'd be happy to look at the rules if you have a PDF or playtest, if you think it's still needed. As it was said above, publishers basically want finished games. If you haven't had it out for playtesting or only playtested it with friends or at games you hosted, you may want to find an independent party to try it out with no prior instruction. A blind test, if you will. Set some new people at a table, give them the box, and walk away until they're done playing. Then you'll get an idea on how well the rules are worded, any questions about possible loopholes in the rules or gameplay, and you'll get some honest feedback that you may find you don't get from friends and relatives.

And you may have already done that, so I'll be quiet. :)

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