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Help with trading game

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I have an idea and I need help making a new game. I'm not one of those people that is worried about sharing ideas here. I've designed for 3 years and have 4 games ready to show to publishers and twice in that span of time a game has come out that was really similar to one of my prototypes. Maybe that means I have good ideas???

I've tried 4 times to make a trading game. Each time my playtesters say, "I like this game, but you should take out trading." So I've decided to make a game where the main mechanic is trading.

I need name ideas. This game is still in idea mode so I know there are some rough spots, but I'm willing to change anything. Are there games out there like this already?

Each player is a trader satisfying orders in three cities. The player with the most money wins. Each player controls a hand at each city. So each player has three hands. To make it easy these hands are face-up on the table. Players can trade between hands, but trading a card from city A must go to the opponent's city A hand. Each round goes like this:
Players get dealt a random order card for each city. Each order has requirement (like 5 wood or 10 ore) and a money reward if satisfied. Then players then take actions. Your first action is free. The next costs $1, then $2, and so on.
For an action a player can draw a random card to one of their hands, shift a card one hand to the right (city A to B, B to C, or C to A), or build a building. Buildings do lots of different things like Peurto Rico, ie make brick cards stronger, or give a free hand shift, etc.

Any ideas help. Thanks.


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