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Hi Everyone!

I've just finished the rules for my new game and I was hoping for some feedback: Does it look fun? Does it look broken? Do you not care either way? :p

Here is a link to the rules:

Here is the synopsis:
Hemlock is a 4 player card game the goal of which is to poison the Royalty of the opposing team. Players attempt to control tricks, deduce the importance of cards, and assign them accordingly. The winner is the team with more Royalty Points at the end of the game.

In each round, the Conspirator starts the round by placing a card from her hand face-down on the center of the table, forming a trick. Moving clockwise, players place cards of varying values and abilities face-up to try and control or manipulate the trick while at the same time trying to determine whether they want the face-down card to go to their team or the opposing team. The winner of the trick assigns the face-down card to either the Target, themself, or, if the Target wins the trick, to any player she chooses.

Whether the face-down card is Hemlock (resulting in the death of a Monarch at game end), a Queen (who becomes the Monarch if there is no King), or one of 4 other cards, remains unknown until 7 cards have been assigned at which point the game ends and the face-down cards assigned to each King are resolved.

I look forward to all your feedback :)

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