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Hero Origin Story

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Hey all,

I am working on a new game where the players fight crime and villains in a city to build their hero by adding powers, personality, and an origin story. The player who completes their hero and triumphs over the arch-enemy becomes the city's defender and gets top billing.

The game will have events in the city the players can face to develop their hero. The events are things like Back Alley Mugging, Meeting of the Crime Lords, Bank Heist, etc. Each event will have some conflict categories to define how the hero has to deal with the event.

So far I have thought of Fight, Chase, Investigate, and Survive (need a better word, but idea is to resist injury or harm) as the conflict types. What are some other kinds of conflicts in super hero stories that would represent the hero overcoming a criminal or dangerous event?

Also, I am creating categories for the powers. So far I have Physical, Magic, Gadgets, and Psychic. Four may be enough, but I may need six depending on how I develop the power mechanics. What other category of super powers can you think of?

Koen Hendrix
Joined: 11/24/2010
For power sources/origins,

For conflict types, maybe Rescue and Protect (that might be a broader version of Survive -- it's Protecting yourself, basically).


For power sources/origins, you could consider Alien, for those who acquired alien tech (or just got hit on the head by it).

There's also Nature for weather-, beast- or shaman-themed heroes if you have those, or The Flame type of hero.

Also, Physical is a big one, covering really well-trained humans (DareDevil) to lots of super-humans from the Hulk to the Flash. Maybe that could be split up? Not sure how.

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