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Joined: 06/16/2012

Hi everyone first of all I would like to introduce myself; I'm "DNGR" and I develop games in my spare time, and I am trying to come from the pen and paper stage to actually creating something tangible (Either online or physically.)

I have designs for 2 games at the minute:

TACTICS KING - A customizable vs browser TRPG with board-game elements. (Still in the "Pen/Paper Stage" It's features include a collectible but advancable set of characters for players to use, and maybe some out of play effects.)

"PROJECT PT" - A game which is based on:
(I didn't want to say the name myself)

Where the basi concept of the game has been revised into a collectible card-game format where every card has an effect; the game introduces more advanced play options and plays somewhat like a giant yu-gi-oh effect chain; requiring players to think on their feet.

I also have a few questions:
I found a game design document on here for T/CCGs, but I can't now; where is it?

Could someone tell me the pros and cons fo taking a T/CCG online?

Thanks guys! and I hope to enjoy my stay here!

I have been writing a blog about how far I am along with it; and the development I've been making. And I'd really like your feedback.

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