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Hidden Role/Hidden Movement Game

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Hello, I am trying to get ideas for a game I am interested in creating. I envision a game where you have a hidden role and all the movement is hidden as well. There would be two teams and you'd have to find out who's on your team. Probably one team trying to find the other. The board i would want to be a map of the world, with various cities on it. The players can go to various cities to complete their objectives (whatever those would be). The catch is, I want this to be played postal.. Most of my friends are in different cities so for everyone to play it by mail and or a facebook group event is the plan. It would take about a week and people with busy schedules just need a couple minutes each day to submit their moves. All you would need is any type of map and you could just highlight the cities needed or something of the sorts.

Anyone want to brainstorm? Would be much appreciated.

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Here's a collection of random

Here's a collection of random and perhaps only barely related thoughts:

Do you expect to have either a computer or a games master who is managing the moves and does know where everyone is? Otherwise, hidden location games are hard to adjudicate. How do people actually meet up unless there is someone to tell them, "you're both in the same location and you meet up."

Have you played Samurai Sword? This is a game in which players have hidden teams, and a big part of the game is to figure out who is on your team. (There is one player -- the Shogun -- who is declared. People who are samurai know that they are on his team, and people who are ninja know that they are on the opposite team. Also, there are ronin, who are just playing for themselves. Generally, people pretty quickly declare themselves to be either samurai or ninja by attacking the Shogun or else attacking someone who has already attacked him. Of course, the ronin are trying to appear as a member of one team or the other, in order to get some assistance from that team's members.) It's a good game, but it gets stale after ten or so games. There just isn't that much variability to the play.

The game Scotland Yard has hidden locations, but only for the criminal player. The locations of the Scotland Yard players is public knowledge. You should check it out.

I could see you doing something in which players are trying to collect ingredients for something (to build a bomb, to make a souffle, whatever). Everyone knows where the different ingredients can be located, but each one is from several places. Players could declare that they can supply this ingredient or that one, which gives a hint to their location but doesn't determine it. Players would have to have very limited opportunity to move, so it would be possible to locate a player if, say, he declared one ingredient, moved once, and then declared another ingredient.

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How many players you

How many players you got?
This would determine the general format and number of locations.

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I was thinking up to maybe 8 or 10 people. The more people, the more locations needed obviously. The idea I thought of was that one team was a resistance, and they had a president. The resistance knows who the president is but the president doesnt know who anyone is. The other team are the hunters and they are trying to assassinate the president. The resistance team will try and escort the president to different locations to get points (recruit people to their cause) and the hunters are trying to track them down and kill them. if a hunter is in the same apace as the president and kills him, the hunters win. But if the president has a resistance member with him on that space, the resistance member dies and the president escapes. Hence the resistance Escorting him. So it is possible for the president to go solo but its risky.

Im leaning towards having a GM.

Any thoughts on the idea?

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I am designing a game with

I am designing a game with the same concept. What I am doing is having a board split in half where you can't see the other players movement. You then sue the app to tell it where you are and when both sides get within visual aspect of one another the app notifies you.

The other way of doing it is writing down your moves before you move your playing piece and once in visual viewing the runner player moves first followed by the chasers.

There's lots of ways you can do it. Just think a little outside the box.

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Re: Hidden Role

There is a game called Nuns on the Run in which some players keep their location secret from the Mother Superior type character who is trying to track them down. The players write down their locations. If they happen to be within sight of the Mother Superior, then they must reveal their locations, but they might still get away. The "Within Sight" rules got a bit messy, but you might try something like this.

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