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how to build and score a card pyramid

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I thought Renaissance Man had some clever ideas but I'm trying to think of some other possibilities that make building a pyramid fun.

Say the players had to building a card pyramid 6 levels high (21 cards total). Cards are collected and played in front of them until everyone has built their pyramid. Can anyone think of some interesting scoring ideas? Here are a few of my ideas.

1. Completing junctures with one color (the recent Viceroy does this). Each top corner and bottom middle section of the card will have a unique color and players will score points if the corners match 2 or 3 colors (more points for all 3).

2. Each card will have a symbol in the middle of the card and each row will award points for who has the most cards of that symbol in the row. For example, someone who has the most sheep cards in the bottom row gets six points. Friendly ties?

Kind of basic so far.

I like the idea of a piece on the pyramid that you can move from card to card while building but can't think of a way it would score points. Maybe 1/4 cards would have movement points on them with the goal of players moving their piece to the top of the pyramid? Thanks in advance.

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