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Idea: 2 player Worker placement with chess pieces

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Warning: Long post

I have been playing in my mind with a game idea I am not sure it could work. This idea would contain the following features:

- Use chess pieces as workers to placed on cards(probably buildings).
- Use worker placement like in Caylus and Lords of waterdeep where you can use other people's building and they get a reward for it.
- Make it a 2 player worker placement game. Not sure if it could be viable as most worker placement games are 3+ players.
- Maybe use leonardo da vinci/louis XIV style worker placement where the player with majority wins the reward. So rewards are given at the end of the round all at once.

Theme: The theme would be something like Varis vs Little Finger in Game of Thrones. They both try to build the city and protect it from incomming threat, but they are also competing with each other to be in control of the kingdom (most VP).

Gold: will be spent to play new buildings, or purchase new workers. While gold will be received as reward when the opposing players use your buildings.

Buildings: Place to put workers on will have a cost to build, a reward when used by opponent. Then a major and minor effect for putting workers there. The player with majority gets the major effect.

Pool of resources: Most resources will be shared by both players (ex: soldiers). Those resources will be used to complete quests that put the kingdom in danger. So players can screw up each other if I use the resource he wanted to use. But if we do not work together, the kingdom will fall.

Worker placement: Since I had a lot of pawns, I thought of the Leonardo davinci system. A building can have X pawns + 1 piece(knight, bishop, etc). The player with the most worker wins. But pieces have special powers. For example, the bishop collect charity, so even if you lose a challenge you get the minor reward. For thematic purpose probably the king and queen cannot be played on an opponen't building to avoid 2 king/queen on the same spot. Not really sure what the rook could thematically represent.

Threat: There will be a series of events that must be resolved. Think of it like Rune Age Scenario cards. If not completed in time, bad things happens. After too many failed events, the game is lost.



I was not sure about purchasing worker, but I did not want an artificial "new worker appears as game progress" approach. I understand that more workers are required as the game progress. Buy buying workers could lead to a situation with too many workers.

There could also be a balance between playing buildings vs buying workers. If players buy too much worker, they will fight a lot for the buildings and get little resources as reward, making them unfit to defend the kingdom. On the other hand, if they have too much buildings, they'll have a lot of option but little worker to activate those options.

Another balance issue, is that most gold will be generated by using other player's building. If players only use their own building, not gold will be generated, which mean little new buildings and worker and eventually the fall of the kingdom.

The competitive and comperative mechanism is always complicated to implement both of them at the same time.

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Thematic Rook

The rook could represent a crow! :P

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By crow, you mean like the

By crow, you mean like the Night Watch in game of thrones?

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