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Initial Game Design.

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Hello Everyone,
Newish member here. Just one or two random posts here or there. My wife and I have taken to board games over the past year and this is our first atempt to deisgn a game. So we are posting for feedback. I don't know if there are any/many games similiar to this out there but we'll give it a shot. This game has no working title, we just call it "the card game" at this point.

Thank you all for your time and feedback.

4 sets of 9 bid cards numbered 2-10
1 set of 20 scoring cards
Numbers 1-5 in four colors.

Set Up:
Each player takes a set of bidding cards. Shuffle the scoring cards together. Deal every player 2 scoring cards face down. Place remainder of the scoring cards in the middle of the playing area. (In a two or three player game only put 10 of the remaining scoring cards in the middle, the remainder is not used).
The player with the most points at the end of the established number of rounds is the winner. It is recommended to start with 3 rounds of play.
How to Score Points
Players are trying to win scoring cards by placing the highest bid for each card. Tens are considered the highest bidding card and twos are considered the lowest bidding card (Please see “The 2 card” below for the exception). Cards of “Kinds” are cards with the same value in different colors. Cards in a Straight Flush are same color in numerical order. Cards score as follows:
5 of a Kind/ 5 card Straight Flush: 100 points
4 of a Kind/ 4 card Straight Flush: 75 points
3 of a Kind/ 3 card Straight Flush: 45 points
2 of a kind: :10 points

Bid cards left in hand:
2-8: 1 point per card
9 or 10: 15 points per card

Game Play:
Play always moves in a clockwise fashion. The player whose turn it is will be called the “point player”. The point player turns the top scoring card face up. The point player places a face up Bid card in from of them. Play passes around the table and all other players can play a face down bid card. When play returns to the Point Player, they have the option of leaving their bid there or replacing it with another FACEDOWN bid card from their hand (Note: If the Point Player picks up their original bid card it can be played again facedown). Once everyone has placed a bid, all players reveal their bid card simultaneously. The highest bid card is “paid” to acquire the scoring card, and then put into the discard pile. All other lower bids are put back into the player’s hands. If there are multiple cards tied for the highest bid, all tied bid cards are “paid” but do not gain the scoring card. The next highest bid now pays for the scoring card and gains it, regardless of it they want it or not. If there is a tie for the next highest bid, those cards are also “paid” and put into the discard pile. This continues until there is only one highest bid or all bid cards are paid. If all bid cards are forced to pay and no one gains the card as the sole highest bid, the scoring card is discarded. Once the scoring card is “paid”, the player to the left now becomes the point player and the next card on the top of the scoring deck is placed for auction. This continues until all of the scoring cards have been auctioned off. When all scoring cards have been exhausted, each player scores their hand and the points are added to the score card. To set the next round, all bid cards are returned to the correct player, all scoring cards and returned to the scoring deck, and play starts over again until the number of rounds originally agreed upon has been completed.

*Please note, if a player has paid all of their bid cards in a round but play is continuing, they must sit out until the end of the round.

PASSING: A Player can pass on a scoring card. If the Point player wishes to pass, they must place their original face up bid and announce they wish to pass as they pick up the original bid. If any other player wishes to pass, they can announce this instead of placing a face down bid card. If all players except the Point Player pass, the Point Player MUST pay their bid to gain the scoring card. If there is only one remaining player after all other players pass, the only player with a bid wins.
The 2 card: The 2 card has a special ability in the game. If a 2 is bid against a 10 it is considered a higher number. The 2 will win the bid. If there are multiple 2 cards bid against a 10 they cancel out per the normal rules of highest bids canceling out, and the 10 would then win the bid.

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