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Insania Lupina - Werewolves vs. humans in medieval France // Your feelings are more than welcome !

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The Wolves are moving
  • The Wolves are moving independently most of the time... only 1 side of the Wolf Movement D6 gives the Werewolf player the opportunity to move them in the direction he wants...
  • For the moment, I don't see what else I could do with them... They currently act as permanent allies of the werewolf clan, but because of the theme, I didn't want them to be completely a part of the clan...

  • The Plague bursts when a Moon Card featuring the Plague Infection event is drawn... A city card is then randomly drawn too to decide what is the infection start city... then the Plague spreads automatically toward the biggest city around until exhaustion of the Plague tokens you placed on it ( determined by the Population Value + 1D6 )

- Do you think the Werewolf Leader or one of his followers should control the spreading direction ?
( cottonwoodheadsaid, the witch can spend a fixed amount of Curse ( mainly as a kind of "ranged attack" ) given to the Werewolf clan at the beginning of the game ( the humans have Prayers and Healing tokens...) )
- Some Werewolves have the "Infectious" ability... they can turn an opponent into a werewolf ( instead of killing him )... maybe could they became "plague bearer" too ?
( in that case, should I give also a fixed amount of infection tokens that could be spent to spread the Plague or turn opponents into werewolves ? )

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cottonwoodhead wrote:The

cottonwoodhead wrote:
The witch already has the curse ability so one way to do it would be that if a certain number of curse tokens are placed on a city that city then gets the plague which spreads outward from there. This means that the Faithful would have to use Plague Doctors and or Priests to keep the number of curse tokens.

I playtested it ( solo ) last night and this worked nicely. It really added something to the game.

Jackhalfaprayer wrote:
A quick thought is to limit the number of units a player can move on a turn somehow. (...) you could do this by linking unit activation to some sort of cost.
Why do this? It forces the players to make choices. Choices are interesting.

I tried something linking the Action points of the character and his Health points... like I said in this section : Action & Health Values // Insania Lupina
This was quite promising, even if ite requires that I re adjust those stats to "balance" the combats....
I, then, discovered that a game called Defenders of the Realm ( a fantasy Pandemic-inspired game ) is actually using the very same system !!!

I'm now experimenting on the map itself... trying to use areas movements instead of point-to-point ( pretty much the same thing, but areas are clearer when it comes to move several tokens/minis at the same time ).
Another very subtle thing to balance...

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Some news from this project...

I'm still working on the game and I'm currently writing a new version. I have tried to simplify things and keep the best ones... your advices and suggestions have really helped !

- I separated the characters in two distinct groups : characters ( bad name!) & heroes
- Now the players have a fixed amount of Action Points ( modified by the number of Heroes in play ) that they have to manage.
- I got rid of the Weather cards and only kept some special weather related events in the Moon deck (events)
- The Combat system has evolved into a "hard number+blind bidding" system based on a hand of combat cards
- Characters are easier to "track" : a single "Soldier" card for references, the tracking of health points is done by simply flipping two-sided tokens when a soldier is wounded.
- Heroes ( 4 on each side ) still have their own full stats, including Health Points and can heal.
- Wolves are now used as "Peasant killers" and will do the best they can to reduce the production of food.
- The Witch has the ability to curse a neutral city. For each curse the player places a token on the city. When 5 tokens are on the city, the Plague bursts and starts to spread.
- The Plague is now an optional rule that can spice-up the game and make things more difficult for the human player

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for what it's worth, i think

for what it's worth, i think your design of the character card is amazing, no need for any other artist.

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Thanks t0tem ! My goal is to

Thanks t0tem !
My goal is to avoid all text on the character cards... since i will have so many text on the "events" cards !
Believe it or not I even wrote some themes for a soundtrack for the game ^^
That's how I work... one thing inspire another etc etc...

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