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Inventor Agents - Cactus, any experience?

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Joined: 08/09/2009

I am completely new to this stuff. I have an idea for a sporting card / dice game for which I have created a single home produced prototype. 'gamesplayuk' liked the idea but I was not willing to pay £7K upfront to create a decent prototype.

Phoning UK games manufacturers, they put me on to Cactus Marketing in Felixstowe, UK - has anyone used them / got experience of them?

Another friend for his game went the route of personally stumping up mega-money to produce his own copies, which he eventually got to USA market but advised me: DON'T do it that way! Any tips?

Joined: 08/05/2009
They are great

Hi - I am the Pres/CEO of Solomon's Thoughts, Inc. Toy & Game Designers as well as agents ourselves. I have been posting here for about a week... some of my posts may be of help to you. In answer to your question about Cactus the answer is yes... they are wonderful. Pete Carr runs the Virginia USA office and his daughter Jesse the UK office. Jesse and I worked together way back in 1991. She knows her stuff. They will not steer you wrong. I have known the family for nearly 20 years. If you talk to her tell her Bob form the USA says hi (Rainbow Timber and Rotate).

Solomon's Thoughts, Inc.

colin leamon
Joined: 10/07/2009
can't contact you!

hi Solomons

I read your entry and tried to contact you - I am looking for an agent. I contacted Cactus as well (UK branch).


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