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The King's Legion

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Hey Folks

I've finally posted some of the core design documents for The King's Legion. Anyone willing to read and provide constructive criticism is a saint.

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This sounds like a board game

This sounds like a board game version of D&D with an AI Dungeon Master. That's cool, but I never really liked the combat in D&D - I play more for the emergent narrative.

I could also see turns being micromanaged like crazy if players can order their turns. That encourages an insane amount of optimization which will slow actual gameplay severely.

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You are absolutely right; the

You are absolutely right; the strategic combat of D&D is what I'm going for. However, the game has an emergent narrative. Have you checked it out? If so, I'd like your opinion on it. (This is just a first draft of Chapter 1; it will definitely receive some refinement.)

Regarding the micromanagement, you are also absolutely right. It's possible that players can get into an analysis paralysis, but there are many games where this is possible as well (Heck, my older brother does this in just about every board game we play... he has to be shoo'd along).

It has been a problem in past playtests and previous iterations of the game design, and it's gone a long way. I don't doubt that there will be some additional tweaking to make it even smoother, but players have been generally pretty good at not spending too long figuring out their turns. Do you have any suggestions to smooth it out?

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