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I was recently pondering on some game mechanics and I thought to myself, "What if I made a game where everyone has hidden objectives, but some people had their objectives overlap, so they work together to meet their goals, but never actually know to what extent other players are on their side?"

And then I thought, "Hey, that kind of sounds like Congress!" Well, sort of, but I can spin it that way in game creation, easy! Each player is trying to fund their own initiatives and score points for their pork-barrel spending, while others are trying to meet their secret objectives and foil your plans. The initiatives would be the same in every game, but their objectives would be dealt to them all randomly each time, so I only need a set of a few good government initiatives to give the game the right tongue-in-cheek flavor.

Here are some ideas that I thought of for government "initiatives" (and note, some of them are actually real):

The Bridge-to-Nowhere Initiative (real-sorta)
The Wheelchair-Accessible Space Program Initiative
The Catfish Inspection initiative (real)
The Gigantic Wall-in-the-Middle-of-Nowhere Initiative (real)
The Wildlife Re-Education Initiative
The Flying Saucer Initiative (real)
The Interplanetary Colonial Menu Initiative (real)
The Golden Banana Initiative
The Improved Golf-Swing Initiative (real)
The Government Buildings Re-Painting Initiative
The School Lunch Improvement Initiative (real)
The Even-More-Standardized-Testing Initiative (real)
The Satellite Warfare Initiative (real)
The Underwater Colony Initiative
The Longer Tax Forms Initiative (real - Just look at 'em!)

Can any of you think of any? It's kind of fun!

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