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"Legacy" RPG

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I was just struck with a thought and I wanted to get your opinions on the idea:

What if there was a miniatures game with a relatively simple system, where the players and GM, over the course of several sessions completed an adventure (more akin to Imperial Assault than D&D, but flavor could of course vary).

However, instead of the traditional system (massive rulebooks and intimidating level-up rules), it's simplified, and based on purchasing cards at level-up that you can use for abilities in combat and out-of-combat. Then, every time your group achieves something important in the story, your group gets to open a little pack of cards or draw from a legacy deck or something, and everyone gets to gain new abilities from that pack, some intentional (though a purchasing system), and some not (based on actions they took in previous sessions that earn them "keywords" which have effects for that character later on).

The idea would be to have a really low production cost (coming to $30 retail or so) and produce multiple modules or adventures that players could experience one after another. However, each box would be a one-time-use, to reinforce the idea that decisions are permanent.

Would you be willing to purchase such a system?

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I vote for this! Having a WIP

I vote for this!

Having a WIP dungeon crawler concept sitting on my desk, I'm too very interested in this kind of game. One of my main design principles is to keep the games as simple as possible while providing a lot of variety.

Just loved the old "Hero Quest" game back in the days. It used lots of cards to keep track of things like spells and items. This could be driven to the max by having a game 100% built around cards. With cards representing literally everything from characters to items, equipment, skills, spells, equipment and monsters.

BTW there are some pure-card RPGs out there actually.

But, it must be done right.

Ands: I would NOT recomment a CCG/TCG style sales-models on this one. So no "buy a pack of cards for each loot case your heroes get". It would be better if the cards provided give the GM enough stuff to built adventures around it and THEN expand the whole thing by constantly adding new stuff to it.

so, LCG=yes but CCG/TCG=no

PS: It is OK in my eyes to have "one-time-use" ADVENTURES. but the stuff provided in those adventures (monster, items) could be re-used. maybe also provide a custom adventure option to the DM where the DM can take a portion of cards already required to built a adventure of his own.

yay, ideas! love 'em!

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You might benefit from "Quest" RATING and put together a "Campaign" of Quests. Let me explain.

If you want to add "replay-value" to the game, you could define a RATING system for each "Quest". Like a simple number from 1 to 5 (as an example). This means that players CHOOSE a "Quest" with a lower rating 1 or 2 and play it... By the END of the "Quest" you'll of course want to get BETTER for the NEXT "Quest" (say 3 or 4 rating).

So you just can't play ANY "Quest" - you need progression.

The rating system would be a scale of difficulty. You need better weapons and equipment if you want to meet the challenge of say a 3, 4 or 5 "Quest".

BUT you could have multiple 1 and 2 (and also 3, 4 or 5) just that you SELECT which one the players will embark on. And by putting them together, the ADVENTURE becomes UNIQUE.

I think this may be the opposite direction you were looking at. You wanted ONE-TIME "Quests" and for HIGH replayability I am suggesting REPEATABLE "Quests" chosen by the players.

This is my $0.05 (we abolished the penny in 2013!) ;)

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Legacy component

What I would make "Legacy" is things like broken weapons or armor or shields. Or "magical rings" that are out of "magic"...

I'm sure you can find many applications for a "Legacy" mechanic.

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I suppose I failed to explain...

I guess I didn't communicate my idea clearly enough - I want to sell an entire adventure-in-a-box, but not have all of the players know ahead of time (including the DM) what's inside. Instead of having players planning out their character progressions and loadouts, I want there to be some element of surprise as a wizard suddenly erupts with a magical power that he didn't know he had, or the fighter suddenly uses a new fighting move he just made up, and it worked!

The box would come with packs of cards already inside it, which become available as quest objectives are completed, and which could be mixed and matched at the players' leisure. Perhaps some packs would instruct the players to only look at card backs, which have some description that they would choose, then they flip over the cards and get to use those, leaving out the rest, so those options are no longer available (or maybe they are at future purchase points... I dunno).

To make the game replayable, you could put a little card divider insert into the box to keep them in little packs of 10-15 (like Dominion's box divider does), and when a GM downloads a new adventure (or writes their own) they could put the cards into packs of their choosing (or which fit the published adventure), allowing them to replay the game with a new progression and an equal lack of knowledge of what the future holds.

Does that explain my idea better?

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I think this is a great

I think this is a great idea.

What if you had store packs? (Perhaps 5 different ones.) So that when you went into a store for the first time, you would open a pack to find out what the store had for sale.

Or dungeon packs. You know a dungeon is full of evil that must be vanquished but don't know exactly what you're up against until you go in.

Or boss packs. Same concept. You get to the big bad at the end to find out it's a...dragon...or a cave troll...or a small man pulling levers.

Or rare item packs that are opened after boss fights.

I like the idea of selecting between 3 warriors and not knowing what load out the one I choose will have. It gives a similar effect of rolling for statistics but would actually be less random.

Then, there could be level up packs. As my warrior moves up to level 2, I have 3 packs to choose from to see what stats go up and new abilities he has.

I also love the idea of the game having unknowns for the GM.

When can I play this game? haha

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Not sure I follow 100%

Okay so you are saying you BUY a BOX (Adventure) and it has a bunch of Boosters inside, right? Then when the time comes, you open up one or several of the boosters? And then "surprise" you see what comes up and how that will affect the adventure?

Well if you discard the 100% Random booster and have "pre-defined" boosters, you may well be able to keep them in order by using a number such as "Pack # - Card #" (like 0001-01). This would allow you to keep track of which pack contains which cards...

Is this more "in-line" with your idea???

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@QuestCCG - precisely! the idea is that at various stages of the adventure, you'll be asked to open a pack of cards that contains a pre-selected set that's appropriate to the stage they're at in the story. There would be nothing random about what they obtain, although you could play that way I suppose.

It leads into some interesting possibilities for character evolution - some cards may not be intended for combat, but instead may serve as titles that you obtain from actions you already take, but that you don't see coming. Others would be combat abilities that you might choose to use on your turn.

However, this wouldn't be a CCG or even an LCG, but instead a game that's sold as a one-time package that's played over several sessions, evolving as you play, with the possibility to download additional adventures online to re-use what you have (though the GM would have to set up the packs that time, according to the story downloaded).

Regarding how it would play: I would incorporate a system that I've played with before, related to turning cards 1, 2, or 3 rotations after an ability is used, thus preventing powerful abilities form being used all the time.

To make preparation for the GM easier, I would pre-write the adventure script to include everything they need for the story, with easy choices set up for the players to make (so that it's not entirely railroading). There might even be packs of cards that you don't need to open to complete the whole story, and are instead unlocked via side-quests and such, but the little details are not exactly necessary at this point.

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It would work better if...

It would be feasible if each character were in a large pack (sorry if this has been mentioned before) that had smaller packets for each level (as in rewards for gaining levels) it would certainly make for a more personal adventure.

Scripted adventures could help as well, but only having small packets opened upon defeating a mini-boss or clearing a room of monsters.

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please no "sealed packs" and

please no "sealed packs" and just decks or stacks. and make them flexible for deck-building through the DM and players once "opened". it sounds just so gimmicky to have something in each box that can be opened just once. like scratch off lottery...

no random packs. fixed is better, with mini expansions. and all should be combine-able.

the DM could build the "dungeon packs" according to the current LVL and his liking

while each player could build his Heroes "ability pack" according to class and LVL

Like a "Sewer of Doom" Box: the DM can build a "sewer" deck with lots of poisoned/diseased things like giant rats, oozes, giants bats and lots of traps. but when the party encounters something is still left to the deck draw.

later when you get a "Old Graveyard" Box, the DM can combine cards from both boxes to build a new dungeon of his liking.

While as a player, i can tailor my own deck by putting a few fireballs, magic missiles and mage armor in it. but when my mage hero will learn these spells depends on my LVL-up and what is drawn from my deck.

the heroes ability decks could also be separated into levels, not too many for a game like this.

treasure could come from a DM generated treasure-deck, plus each player has a "artifact" deck of his own. quote: I know there is a two-handed magic sword in the LVL3 artefact-deck of my warrior. but, when we encounter the next "golden chest" (that holds an artifact for each player), will i draw it?

just my 2 cents, no problem if its contrary to your vision

like an rpg-deckbuilder / TCG crossover

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like the cards...

I like the idea and find the cards refreshing.
I've been working on something similar but without GM and without 'storyline element' cards(?) I may be inclided to adapt some of you ideas to my game if that's ok with you.

As for the marketing and selling, your game sounds great and will definately sell, but I would suggest you try giving it away free (at a huge loss!) and then selling tons of expansion and extension packs at exhorbitant rates, that way only the very basic game will be free and many people will become hooked and so want to buy more.
Just as suggestion.

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